Rachel Maddow performed a slow-jam, spoken-word, Beatnik poetry rendition of GOP presidential hopeful Jon Huntsman’s campaign announcement on air Tuesday night. She said that they had wanted William Shatner to come and put his signature spin on it, as he did with Sarah Palin’s tweets, but since he wasn’t available, Maddow had to do it herself.

After removing her sunglasses and doing away with her bongo drums, Maddow discusses trying to crack the code of Huntsman’s bizarre campaign video.

“It’s like, ok, was this mistranslated from some other language?” she said. “At one point I started counting the syllables, thinking I had come up with a code.”

Watch the clip below, embedded courtesy of MSNBC. Originally aired on “The Rachel Maddow Show” June 21, 2011.

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