On Monday night’s Colbert Report, Comedy Central host Stephen Colbert praised Fox News host Steve Doocy as a “voice of reason” in the News Corp. hacking scandals, helping to “blow the lid back on” the story.

“We’ve got some serious problems in this country,” Doocy said during a recent broadcast. “We are teetering on default and what do they do? They talk about this.”

His guest, Bob Dilenschneider, a corporate communications specialist, added that News Corp. — the parent company of Fox News — was indeed embroiled in “a hacking scandal,” but that the real focus should be on hacking in general and not News Corp.

“We know it’s a hacking scandal,” he said. “Shouldn’t we get beyond it and really deal with the issue of hacking? Citicorp has been hacked into, Bank of America has been hacked into. Are they getting the same kind of attention for hacking that took place less than a year ago that News Corp. is getting today?”

Colbert replied: “Right. Those bank’s files were hacked, and News Corp. hacked into people’s phones. They’re both victims of being in the same sentence with the word hack.”

He close the segment showing a photo of the Fox and Friends hosts and asking, “If you really want to talk about hacks, what about these people?”

This video is from The Colbert Report, broadcast Monday, July 18, 2011.