Rebel forces in Libya have retaken the pivotal town of Zawiya, which is only 30 miles from Tripoli. The rebels now dominate the routes leading to the Libyan capital from three sides. According to CBS News, Zawiya is particularly important because it controls supply routes for Tripoli and is also the location of a major oil refinery.

Alex Crawford of Sky TV told CBS that the rebels’ success is likely to mark “a real turning point” in Libya’s civil war and that “this is the strongest position they’ve been in since the start of the uprising in February.”

The rebels are increasingly hopeful of victory and have said they would like to finish things off by the end of Ramadan, which is less than two weeks away.

The Associated Press, however, is more cautious, noting that Gadhafi’s forces fought tenaciously to hold Zawiya and that “Friday’s onslaught by regime forces also signaled that an opposition push toward Tripoli could be arduous and bloody.”