A participant in the hacktivist collective “Anonymous” appeared in disguised Tuesday on Democracy Now to discuss the recent campaign against the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART).

Members of “Anonymous” and other demonstrators converged on BART stations Monday to peacefully protest against the agency’s decision last week to shut down cell phone service to thwart a protest. The group No Justice, No BART had called for the protest following a string of killings by BART police, but it quickly fizzled out once cell phone service at the train stations went offline.

“They closed the stations, but how come they didn’t cut the cell phone service last night?” the man, speaking under the pseudonym X, said of Monday’s protest. “I’ll tell you why. Because they know they’re wrong. They know we got them. And they know if they do it again, we will hurt them even worse than we’ve hurt them already.”

“Anonymous” also defaced a BART-related website — mybart.org — and leaked the personal information of 2000 users over the weekend.

“We’re all just activists,” X continued. “We’re information activists just trying to make our world a bit freer and a little better. But we’re filled with indignation, when a little organization like BART, a little transit cop police, like, kills its innocent people, two or three of them in the last few years, and then has the nerve to also cut off the cell phone service and act exactly like a dictator in the Mideast. How dare they do this in the United States of America?”

Watch video, courtesy of Democracy Now, below: