Stephen Colbert knows that the art of persuasion is important in politics. And what better way of emphasizing that than to interview Frank Luntz.

The Comedy Central host chatted with the Republican pollster on Monday, focusing on Luntz’s political messaging philosophy, including his slogan of “It’s not what you say, but what you hear.”

Colbert also paid special attention in on Luntz’s preference to rephrase things, such as “energy exploration” instead of “oil drilling.” Based on that analogy, Colbert decided to come up with his own phrasing to apparently stump Luntz.

“Climate change, not global warming,” Colbert said, followed by a “Yes” from the political consultant.  Colbert replied, “I think that is brilliant, not manipulative.”

The segment was inspired by President Obama happily claiming the right wing phrase “Obamacare” for health care insurance reform in his town hall event earlier in the week. “He broke up the word ‘Obamacare’ into ‘Obama care’, that’s not where that word came from,” Colbert said. “The etymology of ‘Obamacare’ is actually ‘O-bam-a-care! This indicates that the program is like a Buick that hits you at a crosswalk, who drags you into a government doctor, and replaces your lungs with a muffler.”

(WATCH: Watch the video, which first aired on Comedy Central on August 16, below)