CNN’s Fareed Zakaria explained Thursday why the United States would benefit from having a parliamentary form of government rather than a presidential one.

“We can’t get [things] done because our system has two centers of power,” he said. “They aren’t fused the way the British system is.”

“The tea party says ‘we won the most recent election’, President Obama says ‘I’m the only guy elected by all the American people,’ the Democrats say ‘yeah, but we have control of the Senate’, so whose voice are you going to listen to?”

He added there were a number of centrist policies supported by the public that could not pass through the “broken” system in Washington.

Zakaria further elaborated his views in a blog post at CNN.

“We’re living in a world where you need governments that are able to respond decisively and quickly,” he wrote. “In a fast-moving world, paralysis is dangerous. Other countries are catching up – if not overtaking – America.”

Watch video, courtesy of CNN, below: