In Eric Bolling’s mind, Warren Buffett may be a socialist now.

That skepticism was shared by the Fox Business News host after the renowned billionaire again stated in a New York Times op-ed on Monday that the rich needed to pay more in taxes. In a heated debate with Columbia professor Marc Lamont Hill, Boiling was steadfast in slamming Buffet’s opinion and President Obama’s “socialist handbook.”

“What is this, is he completely a socialist and he’s playing into Mr. Obama’s hands of “Tax anyone who makes money’ and give it to people who don’t work,” Bolling asked.

Hill replied: “So basically anyone who disagrees with you is a socialist? Now Warren Buffett, one of the greatest profit makers in human history, is a socialist? I mean, come on. He’s simply saying people need to pay their fair share.”

That didn’t stop Bolling continue to display the usual conservative outrage on the idea of tax increases on the rich. After his guest compared Obama’s economic options to a revolver, Bolling added to the analogy.

“All of these bullets guys are in ‘the socialist handbook.’”

(Watch: Video from Fox Business Network, from August 15, 2011)