Former evangelical Christian Frank Schaeffer told Democracy Now on Wednesday that Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann wanted to turn the United States into the Christian version of modern-day Iran.

“She comes from a fringe even of the fringe, which is the Reconstructionist, Dominionist movement, that honestly, in the best of all worlds, as far as they’re concerned, would replace American democracy with a theocracy,” he said.

“Mainstream America doesn’t understand that people like Michele Bachmann have signed onto Bronze Age mythology, including its misogyny, its homophobia, its racism, and all the rest of it.”

Bachmann has said that Schaeffer’s father had a profound impact on her religious and political development.

Schaeffer said he began doubting his father’s teachings in the 1980s and had “jumped ship” by 1990.

“The religious right that I was part of is fundamentally anti-American,” Schaeffer explained. “They hate this country.”

Watch video, courtesy of Democracy Now, below: