A couple in West Valley City, Utah was returning home from having dinner with friends when they heard someone yelling. They thought it might be children playing in their back yard but quickly realized the voice was coming from inside their chimney.

It turned out that eight year old Stephen Hopkins was trapped in the chimney between the ground floor and the basement. He had climbed up a tree, gone across the roof and into the chimney, then slipped down twenty feet and gotten stuck. He told his rescuers he had been looking for food and water.

Firefighters had to cut a hole in the wall and also remove cement from behind it to get at the boy, who had been trapped for four to six hours.. “He was covered with soot but actually looked pretty well,” the homeowner, Richard Draper, stated.

Little Steve’s mother had already reported him missing to the police. When a call came in that a boy named Steve was stuck in a chimney, she immediately said, “That’s my Steve. I know it is.”

This video is from Eyewitness News 12, posted August 20, 2011.