Independent Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman said Wednesday that he was unsure if he would support Barack Obama for president in 2012. So, the hosts of Fox & Friends did their best to convince him that Republican Texas Gov. Rick Perry was the right choice.

“Everybody remembers that in 2008, you supported the Republican in the race, John McCain, your dear friend,” Fox News host Gretchen Carlson began. “But now will you support President Obama?”

“Well, I’m going to approach this 2012 election as the independent that I am,” Lieberman explained. “Therefore, I don’t know who I’m going to support at this point… I want to see who’s got the plans, who the Republicans nominate… Bottom line, too early to say.”

“No one has to tell you what’s going on in Afghanistan and Iraq,” Fox News host Brian Kilmeade told the senator. “In Iraq, we seem to be taking our eye off the ball. There have been a bunch of bombings. So, that can’t make you happy. And in Afghanistan, Petraeus comes up with a plan, who you have a great respect for, and the president comes up with his own plan. Isn’t that a game breaker for you?”

“It’s not a game breaker,” Lieberman replied. “The good news in terms of President Obama and Afghanistan is that he surged the troops beginning in 2009 — 30,000 extra — according to Dave Petraeus’ — Gen. Petraeus’ plan.”

“Senator, I heard when you saying when you said who you were going to support, some of the things you were looking at were the economy, the debt and a strong military presence,” Fox News host Eric Bolling noted. “Rick Perry strikes me a someone, a tea party advocate, a tea partier from the very get-go, who wants to see the debt come down. The economy, very strong in Texas. And then military, he’s a military guy. If it were Rick Perry, could you get behind that one?”

“It really is too early to say,” Lieberman insisted. “I never have really met Rick Perry. I must say that I watched the launch of his campaign the last few days and first impressions are important. He’s made, to me, some very good first impressions.”

“Maybe at first blush, what you like about him is that he tells it like it is,” Carlson suggested.

Watch this video from Fox News’ Fox & Friends, broadcast Aug. 17, 2011.