As conservatives continue to praise Rick Perry’s (R) jobs record in Texas, one Democratic congressman from that state was quick to pour cold water on the praise for the governor.

Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D) appeared on Andrea Mitchell Reports Tuesday afternoon, and wasted little time in slamming Perry’s jobs record in the Lone Star State.

“Rick Perry will do anything, say anything to get elected president,” said Doggett. “Governor Perry is very big on miracles especially the ones he thinks he performed.”

When host Andrea Mitchell mentioned Perry’s claim that 40% of new jobs across American have come from Texas, Doggett was far from throwing a parade for the new Presidential candidate.

“I don’t think he brought the oil and gas out of the Earth,” the representative said. “I don’t think he’s responsible for the many government jobs that came as part of the federal economic recovery act that he attacked just with one voice as he was reaching out to get billions of dollars of federal money to help balance the state budget with the other.”

Doggett added: “So many of these jobs in the alleged Perry miracle, which is really a bit of a Texas tale, are minimum to lower wage jobs, so many of them are government jobs, and some of them are jobs that just got moved from one state to another. I don’t think Rick Perry has outlined a single bit of of economic vision about how he would turn the country around.”

(Watch: Video from MSNBC on August 17, 2011.)

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