Chris Woods, an award-winning reporter with the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, appeared Monday on Democracy Now to discuss an investigation into civilian deaths caused by U.S drones in Pakistan.

According to chief counterterrorism advisor John Brennan, no civilians have been killed in the drone attacks for nearly a year.

“The particular comments that John Brennan made were made on June 15th of this year, where he said that no civilians had died in CIA drone strikes over the last year,” Woods said. “And in fact, only this week, they seem to have pushed that back even further and are now suggesting that no civilians have died since May 2010. And certainly, the evidence that we’ve looked at and the exercise that we’ve run, looking at these strikes in great detail, would flatly contradict that.”

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism estimates U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan have killed as many as 775 civilians, including 168 children.

Watch video, courtesy of Democracy Now, below: