On last night’s Anderson Cooper 360, Cooper ran a clip reel of some of the many factually inaccurate statements by Michele Bachmann that have dogged her political career. From President Obama’s $200 million a day trip to India with an entourage of 2000 personnel to her latest gaffe regarding HPV vaccinations and “mental retardation”, it’s an impressive resume of exaggerations, fabrications, and outright lies.

Bachmann’s former Chief of Staff Ron Carey appeared on the show and painted, in the mildest terms possible, a picture of an out-of-touch candidate with a distaste for details and an unwillingness to listen to her handlers.

Carey says, “One of the challenges I’ve found with working with Michele, and it’s consistent with other people who have worked with her, is the fact that she doesn’t use her staff well. She’s pretty much independent and does her own research. She’ll be out there on the stump, preparing her remarks and speaking off the cuff with no staff intervention or involvement whatsoever, so it’s really difficult to prep her.”

He describes her as taking in “an awful lot of information” but often neglecting to absorb “the ten or 20 percent that can change the outcome”, in other words, the part that makes a statement true or false.

The New Yorker‘s Ryan Lizza calls Bachmann “the most intellectually irresponsible candidate in the Republican field”, which, in a race with Governor Rick Perry and Congressman Ron Paul, is something of a coup. Congratulations to Ms. Bachmann on that. Given that Bachmann is currently trailing among the Republican candidates, it may be the only first-place honor she takes in the 2012 race.

Watch this video, embedded via CNN, below: