In a segment Wednesday night, Comedy Central host Stephen Colbert tried to crack jokes about the “moon units” protesting Wall Street, but seemed to have a little trouble finding the “mindless hippie argle-bargle” he wanted.

“Today I sent a camera crew to film the fabulous furry freak show and find out just what these moon units are demanding through their clouds of bong smoke,” Colbert said. “Jimmy, tear me off a piece of mindless hippie argle-bargle!”

“We want political money to be clean money,” one protester said. “We don’t want corporations donating huge amounts of money to candidates, then when they get elected, enacting the will of those corporations.”

“No, Jimmy, crazy stuff,” Colbert retorted. “You know, drug-addled commune dwellers who don’t know politics from patchouli.”

“In order for the people here in the United States, we need to make sure it’s not being drowned out by the fact that we don’t necessarily have millions of dollars to contribute to a campaign,” another protester said.

“Well, he makes a good point,” Colbert replied. “You know, obviously, everyone… No, goddammit! Jimmy, I want a liberal!”

This video is from Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report, broadcast Sept. 21, 2011.