Oklahoma state legislator Sally Kern will never be known for the moderate and reasonable nature of her views. In a recent interview with anti-gay activist Peter LaBarbera, Kern defended remarks she made in 2008 saying that homosexuality posed a more immediate threat to the United States than terrorist attacks.

In the interview, excerpted below, Kern says that the number of people killed in terrorist attacks in the U.S. is negligible compared to the “hundreds of thousands who have died because of having AIDS”. She goes on to say, “(E)very day our young people, adults too, but especially our young people, are bombarded at school, in movies, in music, on TV, in the mall, in magazines, they’re bombarded with ‘homosexuality is normal and natural.’ It’s something they have to deal with every day. Fortunately we don’t have to deal with a terrorist attack every day, and that’s what I mean.”

You can listen to the clip below, embedded via Mediaite: