Fox News’ Sean Hannity Tuesday offered to help make peace in a ongoing debate between Greta Van Susteren and Tucker Carlson.

Susteren had called Carlson a “pig” on her blog after his website published a report on Sarah Palin’s alleged affair with NBA star Glen Rice. That later degenerated into a shouting match when Carlson appeared as a guest on Susteren’s show.

“You guys friends again or is it personal?” Hannity asked Susteren at the end of his show Tuesday.

“We’re communicating a bit,” Susteren replied. “We’ll work it out.”

“I’ll tell you what. I’ll offer this program. If you guys want to come on this week, I’ll be the peacemaker. I’ll put you both on and see if we can’t come to a resolution,” Hannity said.

“It’s not a matter of making peace. We have a very different idea on what is appropriate to describe a woman,” Susteren explained. “We’ll work it out. Don’t worry.”

Watch this video from Fox News’ Hannity, broadcast Sept. 20, 2011.

(H/T: Mediaite)