Kathy Griffin appeared on “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson” to discuss her new Bravo special, “Kathy Griffin: Pants Off”. Originally Griffin wanted to call the special “Kathy Griffin: Pray the Gay Back”, in reference, she says, to GOP presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann’s husband Marcus.

Mr. Bachmann (who she calls one of her “new favorite targets”) is the director of a federally funded clinic in Minnesota where gay patients are purportedly urged to “pray the gay away”, i.e., to “cure” their homosexuality by means of indoctrination into the Christian lifestyle.

Bravo apparently found the title too controversial and at points Ferguson has to (jokingly) warn Griffin off of saying too much of what she suspects about Mr. Bachmann. In the end, the flame-haired comedienne settles for saying that Marcus reminds her of a lot of “the type of men” who attend her stand-up shows and leaves it at that.

Watch this clip, embedded via AOL, below: