The motorcyclist seen earlier this week being rescued from beneath a burning wreck has issued a thank-you to the crowd of people, police, and first responders who lifted a car and pulled his unconscious body to safety after the crash. The jaw-dropping video became famous around the world after a videographer caught the footage as the situation unfolded alongside a highway in Logan, Utah.

From his hospital bed, Brandon Wright fights back tears as he thanks the “heroes who put their lives on the line” to band together and lift the vehicle he was trapped under. In the accident, his motorcycle plowed into the car’s front end and caught fire. The car itself smolders and begins to burn even as the hastily gathered crowd of onlookers charge in to lift it.

Wright says that he regrets the decision not to wear a helmet and says that he now intends to be a helmet advocate for motorcycle riders.

Watch the AP video of Wright’s statement, below: