Some may think it’s already too late, but Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney says there will be no pandering from his campaign.

“I wrote a book two years ago,” Romney said at a town hall event in Florida Wednesday. “I laid out my positions: Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, federal spending, productivity growth, international trade, my military policy.”

“I know that may make it more difficult in both the primary — because I can’t run to the right and then run to the left — and in the general. But that’s where I am. I think the American people recognize we’re at a point of crisis and they want to hear the truth. And they can tell when people are being phony and are pandering to an audience. You’ll see that in politics. You’re not going to see it in my campaign.”

He continued: “I can tell you this: President Obama is doing a great job rallying our base… I’m convinced that anyone on that stage at the Republican debate — we’ll have a debate on Thursday in Orlando. We’ll probably have eight or nine people on the stage. Any one of them would be a better president than President Obama.”

In the last few months alone, Romney has been accused of pandering on the START treaty, an anti-gay marriage pledge, right-to-work legislation, American exceptionalism, ethanol, and the tea party.

Washington Monthly‘s Steve Benen has even called the candidate a “pandering robot.”

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