Fresh off his win at the Emmys, Jon Stewart hosted author Ron Suskind Tuesday evening to talk about the author’s controversial new book Confidence Men.

During the interview, The Daily Show host bluntly asked Suskind: “Why do people talk to you?”

After the audience finished laughing at Stewart’s question, Suskind replied, “People come to someone like me for all kinds of reasons. A lot of them feel that they were front seats at big moments of history and they say ‘I need to tell you what I saw.’”

When Stewart asked Suskind about his book mentioning President Obama telling Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner to break up Citigroup, the author stated that he told all of the information he learned to the president in a two hour interview.

“In the end I laid it all out, what I found and he answered it directly,” Suskind said.

WATCH: Video from Comedy Central, which appeared on September 21, 2011.

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