President Barack Obama’s plan to make sure millionaires pay a tax rate at least as high as the people that work for them has led to a lot of whining from wealthy conservatives.

Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly has threatened to quit hosting his show and tea party Rep. John Fleming (R-LA) complained that he only has $400,000 left after feeding his family.

On Wednesday, Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart asked viewers to help save these “endangered” millionaires.

“Bill [O'Reilly] is just standing up for a shrinking, exploited minority,” the comedy central host noted. “The super rich will go extinct. We’d add them to the endangered species list but you know how much they despise government regulation.”

“Every day America loses more and more millionaires to abusive individual and corporate tax rates. Their habitats are slowly disappearing, their watering holes drying up. If we don’t act quickly, these once plentiful creatures will be relegated to zoos and heartbreaking documentaries… Will you be an angel for a helpless multi-millionaire?”

Watch this video from Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, broadcast Sept. 21, 2011.