Grassley takes partial credit for health reform law

Rendell tells Fox they are responsible for success of Tea Parties

Pakistani tells 60 Minutes that US attacked itself on 9/11

Arpaio: More people will move to Arizona because of immigration law

Krugman: McConnell made ‘most dishonest argument ever’

Hume: ‘Draconian’ Arizona law will cause civil rights violations

McConnell predicts filibuster of financial reform

Gingrich: Tea Party will be ‘militant wing’ of GOP

Michael Moore predicts another Wall Street crash

Biden: Obama laughed ‘like the devil’ at F-bomb

Geithner OKs movie futures after Senate committee bans it

Franklin Graham doesn’t retract remarks about Islam

Richard Clarke: Use private firms to spy on Internet

New toilet paper brand honors John Yoo

Proposed AZ law: Show citizenship papers or go to jail

Beck: God gave me a plan ‘that’s not really a plan’

Taliban take over former US base in Korengal Valley

New documents reveal military recruiter misconduct

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