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[Image: Eugene Donnelly, screencap]

NYC cop accused of breaking into woman’s home, beating her: ‘Sometimes I’m a bad guy’

Officer Eugene Donnelly allegedly attacked the woman mere hours after an awards ceremony celebrating his bravery in the line of duty.
Gregory Zullo and Trooper Lewis Hatch (YouTube)

Vermont cop seizes man’s car because he saw eye drops and dog ‘smelled’ pot

Trooper Lewis Hatch pulled over 21-year-old Gregory Zullo on March 6 because snow covered a small portion of his license plate, the suit claims, although that is not a motor vehicle offense.
Darren Wilson (YouTube)

Darren Wilson skips court case where he’s accused of ‘roughing up’ pot suspect

A 2013 drug case involving Darren Wilson -- the Ferguson, MIssouri, police officer who killed Michael Brown -- is at risk after the officer failed to show up for a preliminary hearing.
'Black Rhinoceros In Masai Mara National Park In Kenya' [Shutterstock]

Wildlife population down by half in 20 years, as human populations double

Wildlife numbers have plunged by more than half in just 40 years as Earth’s human population has nearly doubled, a survey of over 3,000 vertebrate species revealed.
Muslim NFL player penalized for praying [SB Nation]

Muslim NFL player penalized for praying after touchdown

Officials cited Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Husain Abdullah for “unsportsmanlike conduct” for dropping to the ground and kneeling after scoring a touchdown against New England.
Bill O'Reilly on 'The O'Reilly Factor' 092914 [youtube]

Bill O’Reilly: Stephen Colbert ‘has no bleeping clue’ how to fight Islamic State

“Mr. Colbert and others of his ilk have no bleeping clue how to fight the jihad,” O’Reilly argued. “They don’t know anything. And when somebody gets beheaded, their reaction is ‘Oh, that’s bad!’"
Actor and comedian Tracy Morgan.

Walmart doesn’t want to pay because SNL star Tracy Morgan wasn’t wearing a seatbelt

Walmart said in court documents that actor Tracy Morgan was to blame for his near-fatal injuries this past June because he was not wearing his seat belt, NJ Advance Media reported.
Jonah and the Fish, English: Folio from a Jami al-Tavarikh (Compendium of Chronicles), [Wikipedia Commons]

Iran executes man for doubting tale of Jonah and the fish

The Guardian quoted an anonymous source’s statement to a U.S. civic advocacy group, the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran, saying Mohsen Amir-Aslani was originally arrested on orders of intelligence officials nine years ago.
George Zimmerman mug

George Zimmerman’s father: If the FBI comes for him, ‘he’s probably gonna shoot a few of them’

The entire family, she writes, is understandably paranoid — both about the potential of future litigation against George and the possibility that one of them will be killed as retribution for Martin.