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A photo of a 9-mm handgun (Shutterstock.com)

Tennessee woman shoots boyfriend’s groin and the bullet ends up hitting her baby

She fired a single round at the man, and the same bullet struck both him and the couple’s baby. The man was struck in the groin, and the bullet then struck the 14-month-old girl.
Joseph Oberhansley

Convicted killer accused of fatally stabbing ex-girlfriend, then eating her brains

Joseph Oberhansley was charged with murder, abuse of a corpse, and breaking and entering in the gruesome slaying of 46-year-old Tammy Jo Blanton at her Indiana home.
The four children of deceased gun instructor Charles Vacca (Screenshot/Lambergoodnow.com)

Children of Arizona gun instructor who was killed by girl with Uzi release video

The children of an Arizona gun range instructor who was fatally shot by a 9-year-old girl with an Uzi submachine gun are encouraging the child to find peace and say they hope one day to give her a hug.
Police with Taser [Flickr creative commons]

Missouri teenager in medically-induced coma after cop uses Taser on him

The FBI is investigating the police department in Independence, Missouri for alleged use of excessive force following an incident that resulted in a 17-year-old boy requiring a medically-induced coma to help treat injuries to his brain.
Police confront Amanda Geraci (ACLU)

Philadelphia police sued again for roughing up legal observer during anti-fracking protest

The latest suit was filed by the American Civil Liberties Union on behalf of a trained legal observer who was thrown into a stone pillar while monitoring a September 2012 protest against fracking.
4-year-old boy allegedly injured by Adrian Peterson [KHOU-TV]

NFL player Peterson admitted to giving another 4-year-old ‘a whoopin in the car’: Report

The incident allegedly happened this past June, when the unidentified boy was visiting Peterson at his home in Spring, Texas.
Bedford County DA Bill Higgins [Bill Higgins YouTube channel]

REVEALED: DA prosecuting kid for raunchy Jesus photo prank committed adultery, is a porn fan

Less than a month before pursuing charges against the teen, Bedford County District Attorney Bill Higgins posted a link to an interview between radio host Howard Stern and porn actor Nick Manning.
Mother and child playing a video game (Shutterstock.com)

Georgia police: 16-year-old mom with baby guns down man selling PS4 on Craigslist

A 16-year-old mother reportedly took her baby along when she shot and killed a man who was trying to sell a Playstation 4 video game on Craigslist.