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Pastor Robert Jeffress on Fox News on Oct. 24, 2014 [youtube]

Fox contributor Pastor Robert Jeffress tells O’Reilly: ‘Islam is a false religion’

Fox News contributor Pastor Robert Jeffress insisted on Friday that he “prayed” for individual Muslims while denouncing their religion as a whole in an interview with host Bill O’Reilly.
Texas state troopers [Facebook community page]

‘This is just bullsh*t’: Texas woman says state trooper harassed her over getting voter ID

Messinger told MSNBC that she was approached by the trooper during a visit to a state Department of Public Safety (DPS) office in south Austin.
Antigay attacker on the floor (screen capture)

WATCH: Bystanders at Dallas Airport stop antigay attack by piling on drunk bully

In the video embedded below, an apparently intoxicated man attacks another passenger who he believes is gay. Within seconds, a number of bystanders leap into action to take the attacker down and hold him until police can handcuff him and lead him away.
A state trooper walks by a grieving student as students and family members reunite at Shoultes Gospel Hall, following a school shooting at Marysville-Pilchuck High School, in Marysville, Washington on Oct. 24, 2014. By Jason Redmond for Reuters.

Wash. state school shooting suspect identified as popular freshman athlete

The shooter took his own life as Marysville-Pilchuck High School students scrambled to safety in the latest outburst of deadly violence at an American school.
Sarah Palin screencap - Fox News

Sarah Palin: Media waged ‘war on women’ by laughing at my family’s drunken brawl

Saying what happened the night of the fight was “ humiliating and frightening,” Palin explained that her family had remained silent assuming the truth would come out.
Medical staff carry the body of an Ebola victim at the Medecins Sans Frontieres center in Monrovia on September 27, 2014 (AFP Photo/Pascal Guyot)

Millions at risk of Ebola infection according to ‘freakishly’ accurate prediction model

The model is currently predicting that the outbreak will peak in 2015 and begin to recede. If vaccines and other experimental drugs work according to plan, Fisman said, the end could come sooner.
Alex Jones (YouTube)

Drudge Report hypes Alex Jones website froth about ‘disappeared’ Ebola patients

The InfoWars report, which warns that government authorities were “disappearing patients” to prevent hysteria, are based on the anecdotal claims of a single osteopath in Missouri that even reporter Paul Joseph Watson doesn’t fully trust.
Ted Cruz (ABC)

Birther sheriff declares Canada-born Sen. Ted Cruz ineligible to run for president

Former Arizona sheriff Richard Mack said that, although he likes the Texas senator, his foreign birth precludes him from serving as Commander in Chief.
Wilson Longanecker, Jr. (State's Attorney General's Office)

Louisiana mayor who promised never to ‘embarrass this community’ arrested on child porn charges

Longanecker, Jr. attempted to destroy the material while the investigators were collecting it, the Louisiana Attorney General’s Office said, so he will also be charged with at least one count of obstruction of justice.