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Crystal O'Connor (ABC 57)

Backlash is swift and furious after Indiana pizza restaurant owner brags about ‘no gays’ policy

"This is a transparent attempt to fly the Christian martyr ‘mean Gays are calling us bigots’ flag in the hopes that other mouth-breathers in the area will rally to them and their crappy pizza the way Southerners rallied to Chick Fil-A."
Robert Reich speaks to Conan O'Brien (Screencap)

Robert Reich: The rich don’t work anymore — working is for poor people

A large portion of the super-rich have never broken a sweat.
John Bradford (Twitter)

Kansas Republican blows off voter: ‘I received your email — I don’t need it, so I am sending it back to you’

A Kansas Republican issued a dismissive response to a constituent’s email voicing concerns over legislation that would prohibit Uber from operating in the state.
DFree / Shutterstock.com

Revelations in HBO’s Scientology documentary ‘Going Clear’ may crimp Tom Cruise’s career

It’s no secret that Tom Cruise is a notable Scientologist, but a few revelations in the HBO documentary “Going Clear,” which premiered Sunday, must be hard for fans to stomach.
Photos of Iowa burglary suspects (Iowa Gazette)

Charged with same crime, Iowa paper shows black suspects’ mug shots but whites get yearbook pics

An Iowa newspaper is accused of pro-white bias after it handled the same alleged crime between two different sets of suspects in radically different ways.
'Walmart store photographed on Sept. 15, 2011 In Los Angeles' [Shutterstock]

Walmart calls on Arkansas Gov. Hutchison to veto ‘religious freedom’ bill

Arkansas lawmakers passed a Religious Freedom Restoration Act on Tuesday that critics said would allow businesses to deny service to gays and lesbians, drawing a swift demand from Wal-Mart Stores Inc for the governor to veto the bill.
Oakland Athletics pitcher Sean Doolittle [Whistle Sports]

Oakland A’s pitcher and girlfriend make the save after backlash to team’s LGBT Pride event

Late last week, Eireann Dolan offered to buy tickets for the A’s June 17th game against San Diego, saying several season ticket holders were refusing to attend and trying to sell their tickets because they were uncomfortable.
Angry man telling at computer (Shutterstock)

UPDATED: ‘Police lives matter’ pastor resigns after being accused of rape threats

“Or better yet, you’re pretty hot,” the letter continued. “So how about if I come over and rape you with a few of my friends."
US workers change pipes at Consol Energy horizontal gas drilling rig fracking (AFP)

Fracking town’s desperate laid-off workers: ‘They don’t tell you it’s all a lie’

The boom and bust in North Dakota has trapped people there, with little hope of work or escape.