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Chlamydoselachus anguineus stuffed at Aquarium tropical du Palais de la Porte Dorée (Paris, France).

‘Horrific’ pre-historic shark makes a rare appearance in Australian waters

Referred to as a 'living fossil,' Its ancestry goes back at least 80 million years.
Pope Francis (AFP Photo / Filippo Monteforte)

Spurred by Pope Francis, Spain charges 10 priests in country’s largest known pedophilia case

Spain’s Catholic Church, which has long been accused of silencing cases of priests sexually abusing children, is starting to take a hard line against offenders.
Scary heaven (Shutterstock)

10 reasons Christian heaven would actually be hell

Maybe descriptions of Hell are so horrific to keep people from thinking about how hellish popular versions of the Christian Heaven would be.
13-year-old Baltimore girl left bloody after being hit with a school officer's baton [WBAL-TV]

WATCH: Baltimore girl left bleeding after officer attacks her with a baton

A 13-year-old Baltimore girl needed 10 stitches in her head after a police officer hit her with a baton in an altercation caught on video, WBAL-TV reported.
Sarah Palin holding up 'Ready for Hillary' magnet (Screenshot)

Sarah Palin inadvertently becomes co-chair of Hillary PAC after disastrous Iowa speech raises $25K

During her speech Palin mocked Clinton while holding up the magnet and saying, “I’m ready for Hillary, are you? Are you coming?"
Walter Ruck is accused of attacking an Oregon woman inside her home [KLAS-TV]

Telemarketer saves Oregon woman 900 miles away from gun-toting attacker

A Las Vegas telemarketing company’s quick thinking helped save a woman’s life from just over 900 miles away.
Mock image of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) released by American Bridge super PAC on Twitter.

The name of Chris Christie’s political committee has Twitter ‘LMFAO’-ing

By itself, the name of Christie’s group — Leadership Matters for America — seems innocuous enough.
Susan Hemeryck (Leon County Sheriff's Office)

Woman who destroyed Satanic display says charges against her ‘an attack on Christians’

In court yesterday, WCTV reports that her lawyer, Mike Bauer, told the judge that his client was pleading not guilty because “we are not sure there was crime.”
Golfer cheating and moving ball (Shutterstock)

Colorado ‘sovereign citizens’ convicted in $100 billion tax fraud skip sentencing to play golf

All three claimed in court documents they created themselves that they were owed more than $100 billion in tax payments as part of a political statement. “I am a natural man, a legal person, a legal man — something I didn’t know before."