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Jon Stewart 022514 [YouTube]

Jon Stewart: U.S. air attacks against Islamic State are ‘the iPhone 6 of wars’

“It’s expensive, a little bigger, a little more unwieldy than you thought it was gonna be, it’s gonna be at least a two-year commitment, kinda feels like you just f*cking got the last one."
Radio host Rush Limbaugh

Texas author uses Limbaugh’s ‘blood money’ to help poor women get abortions

Merritt Tierce, who worked as a waitress at a local steakhouse between 2005 and 2011, said that Limbaugh came to her restaurant twice with NBC sportscaster Al Michaels, and left $2,000 tips on both occasions. “That was like blood money to me,” said Tierce.
Image of scissors cutting passage out of a book, Shutterstock.com

Colorado students walk out to protest conservative ‘censorship’ of AP history

Students and teachers are protesting the removal of all mentions of civil disobedience from texts and classroom materials intended for the teaching of AP U.S. history.
Viviana Janer, Democratic candidate for the Osceola County Commission (Facebook)

Marriott fires Florida Dem after learning she’s running against company-backed GOPer

A Democratic Party candidate for the Osceola County Commission said this week that she was considering legal action after her employer, Marriott Vacations Worldwide, fired her for trying to unseat a candidate the company supports.
Matthew Gibson

Man confesses to ’97 crime, fearing Walmart was messaging him about woman he killed

A North Carolina man traveled to Arizona to confess he killed a woman 17 years ago after he became convinced someone had learned of his crime and began sending him mysterious messages.
Charlo Greene (Facebook)

‘F*ck it’ reporter’s pot coverage raises ethical concerns, dramatic exit could draw FCC fine

Anti-pot activists complained for months about coverage by an Alaska TV reporter who dramatically quit her job Sunday night during a live broadcast to focus on her efforts to legalize recreational marijuana use.
Tommy McClain (Facebook)

California man shot to death by police while outside smoking, checking Facebook

Tommy McClain died last week after he was shot by Eureka police officers, who said the 22-year-old reached for a gun during an early morning confrontation outside his cousin's home.
Police officer shoot gun (Shutterstock)

New Hampshire grandma shot by cops after reaching for infant during DEA raid

A New Hampshire woman was shot and wounded last month when she reached for her infant granddaughter during a DEA raid at her apartment, her son said.
GOP CA gubernatorial candidate Neel Kashkari [youtube]

‘Felony stupid’: CA Republicans clash after candidate’s homeless stunt

The dispute between Neel Kashkari and the party’s nominee for state controller, Fresno Mayor Ashley Swearengin, allegedly dates back to this past July, when Kashkari spent a week living in Fresno as a homeless person while trying to find a job.