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Former GOP vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin. Photo via Agence France-Presse.

Police release audio of Alaska man threatening lawsuit after Palin family brawl

Authorities released audio and photos taken at the scene of the Sept. 6 incident, including a police interview with the homeowner, who identified himself as “Korey f*cking Klingenmeyer.” “I think I might want to press charges on Bristol Palin,” Klingenmeyer says.
Tracy PD SWAT team members harass man filming them [youtube]

WATCH: Cops grab California man’s ID and camera for filming training raid

“I’m not doing anything illegal, am I?” the cameraman, who identified himself as Troy Stevenson, asks one of the officers. “You might be,” says the officer, who later identifies himself as Sisneros.
Scientist using a microscope in a laboratory (Shutterstock)

Busted: More global warming denial ‘science’ found to be unrealistic and inaccurate

It’s hard to find a reputable scientist who denies that human emissions of greenhouse gases are warming the planet and that there will be consequences for human society and the biological health of the planet.
Israelite School of Universal Practical Knowledge (YouTube)

Appeals court upholds ‘black Jewish’ group’s right to spew hateful rhetoric in public

"The scriptures say black woman, shut your damn mouth,” one man shouted at passersby, according to court documents. “That’s what the scriptures say. Learn in silence."
Former Kentucky correctional Officer Sergeant James B. Johnson (WLKY/screen grab)

Former Kentucky prison guard avoids jail for 25 counts of sexually abusing women inmates

In 2011, the Kentucky State Police arrested Officer Sergeant James B. Johnson, and charged him with 25 counts of sexual abuse, trafficking controlled substances, and 50 counts of official misconduct.
Kristi Rhines via Comanchee Co Sheriff

Christ the redeemer: Oklahoma woman claims Jesus will pay for her dinner and drinks

Kristi Rhines ordered several drinks and dinner at Mexican restaurant El Chico, then revealed that she had no way to pay for them. She explained to managers that her husband would be back soon to settle the tab.
Misty Holt-Singh (KCRA)

Slain hostage’s family asks: Did 33 cops really have to fire 600 bullets during shootout?

Investigators said Ramos apparently used Holt-Singh as a human shield, and ballistics tests later found she had been shot 10 times by police bullets.

Four myths about slavery in the US

People think they know everything about slavery in the United States, but they don’t.