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'Hands Of Female Police Officer Holding Dollars In Envelope' [Shutterstock]

Miami cops fleeced immigrant’s family for $2,400 before jailing him

Two Miami police officers are accused of extorting $2,400 from an undocumented immigrant’s mother before setting him up for possible deportation
'Dark Prison Cell At Night' [Shutterstock]

‘Friday night massacre’: 32 Florida prison guards fired for alleged abuses

“I’ve made it clear that there is zero tolerance for corruption or abuse,” the department’s head, state Secretary Michael Crews, said in a statement. “We continue to root out any and all bad actors who do not live up to our expectations.”
13-year-old Kyle Bradford suspended for sharing lunch [KRCR-TV]

California teen gets detention for sharing lunch with classmate

13-year-old Kyle Bradford said he was sent to detention after offering a chicken burrito to a friend on Tuesday at Weaverville Elementary School. The friend was reportedly unhappy with the cheese sandwich served in the school’s cafeteria.
Donald Trump expresses anger over Jon Stewart's comments.

Donald Trump weighs in on Scotland vote — and Scotland weighs in on him

Donald Trump waded into the aftermath of the Scotland independence vote, tweeting that the secession vote may have failed due to “ugly wind turbines” built along the Scottish coastline.
Image: Man's hand drugging woman's drink, Shutterstock

Fraternity dosed women with date-rape drugs based on color-coded hand stamps: police

Police raided the fraternity house on Tuesday. In the wake of a raucous Friday night party at the house, three women and one man were hospitalized with symptoms of extreme intoxication and disorientation.
Former Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK), (Agence France Presse)

‘Proud mama’ Sarah Palin defends daughter Bristol’s role in violent brawl

Palin declared herself to be a “proud mama” of her daughter the “straight shooter,” who she called “one of the strongest young women you’ll ever meet.”
Simon Bertin (WPLG)

Road-raging bicyclist shoots Florida cab driver in neck in gas station dispute

“I almost died, without knowing what I did to somebody,” said Simon Bertin, an Opa-Locka cab driver.
Shonda Rhimes At The 41st NAACP Image Awards (Shutterstock)

NY Times critic blasted for ‘angry black woman’ profile of ‘Scandal’ creator Shonda Rhimes

Alessandra Stanley ignited a firestorm of criticism when she began her profile of Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal show-runner Shonda Rhimes by claiming that “[w]hen Shonda Rhimes writes her autobiography, it should be called ‘How to Get Away With Being an Angry Black Woman.’”