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New Jersey governor Chris Christie at CPAC

Chris Christie at CPAC: “Sometimes people need to be told to sit down and shut up”

A question-and-answer session at CPAC turned into a moment of truth for Chris Christie on Thursday.
Senator Ted Cruz at CPAC

Ted Cruz and Sean Hannity talk pot on the ‘Magical Mystery Hannity Hour’ at CPAC

Probable presidential candidate Texas Senator Ted Cruz did his best to claim the mantle of Ronald Reagan at CPAC on Thursday with a fiery speech about how he was not all talk, but all action.
Jamila Bey, speaking for American Atheists at CPAC

Atheist Jamila Bey tells CPAC it needs to embrace secular voters — and gets the golf clap

Last year, the American Atheists were unable to have a booth at CPAC. This year, the group not only had a booth but it also scored a spot on the speaker parade.
Jesus holding an apple (Shutterstock)

Christian college student hurls apple at pro-gay speaker, insists he didn’t ‘cast the first stone’

“In regards to ‘casting a stone,’” he continued, “you would be mistaken to think that I threw the apple out of hatred. I threw it purposefully as a warning against insulting the Spirit of Grace.”
Hands in jail, behind bars (Shutterstock)

Living in sin: Unmarried Florida couples can face jail for cohabitating — and hundreds have been charged

“I’m not ready to give up on monogamy and a cultural statement that marriage still matters,” state Rep. Dennis Baxley said in 2011.
Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin speaking at the 2013 Conservative Political Action Conference (Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

CPAC’s ‘ask a speaker’ hashtag campaign backfires before the conference even begins

Following in the footsteps of Bill Cosby’s publicists and the New York Police Department social media outreach officer, the organizers of CPAC have opened the floor to questions from Twitter.
Utah rep. Mia Love, on a CPAC panel

Utah GOP representative Mia Love: 'We are the ones that care about the poor'

The annual confab of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) started off its 2015 festivities Thursday morning with a nod to diversity, featuring a couple of the GOP’s African-American stars as it began its three-day presentation of conservative speakers.
Jessa Duggar (Facebook)

Duggar daughter casts judgment against liberal Christians: You’re going to Hell — but I’m not

The 22-year-old newlywed conceded this “hard truth” would not bring her any popularity, but the evangelical Christian celebrity said she could not “hide the truth” from her fans because she cares too much about “their eternal destiny.”
Zombies from 'The Walking Dead' [Facebook]

This is where you should go to survive the zombie apocalypse, according to science

A graduate statistical mechanics class was inspired by a reading of “World War Z,” a fictional oral history of a zombie war, and decided to explore what might happen in an actual zombie outbreak.