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Image: Tucker Hipps, Facebook.com

Clemson frat members killed pledge over McDonald’s breakfast, victim’s parents say

Cynthia and Gary Hipps have filed a $25 million wrongful death lawsuit against Clemson University, the national and local chapters of Sigma Phi Epsilon, and fraternity brothers Thomas King, Campbell Starr and Samuel Carney.
Charla Bansley (Facebook)

Conservative activist compares Mike Pence to MLK: ‘Who will make Indianapolis the next Ferguson?’

A religious right activist co-opted progressive rhetoric to present Christians as victims of gay oppression in the battle over Indiana’s anti-LGBT law.
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Disciples of Christ make good on threat to move convention out of Indiana over anti-gay law

“We are particularly distressed at the thought that, under the current version of SEA 101, some of our members and friends might not be welcome in some Indiana businesses — might experience legally sanctioned bias and rejection once so common on the basis of race.”
Black businessman expresses shock and surprise (Shutterstock)

‘Lynch ‘em’: Pennsylvania university expels students for racist comments on radio

One of the students used a derogatory term for black people, another said: “Black people should be dead,” and a third said: “Lynch ‘em” during a March 20 broadcast on WVBU, Bucknell’s student-run radio station.
Trevor Noah (YouTube)

Celebs defend new ‘Daily Show’ host Trevor Noah’s controversial tweets

"Here’s the thing: Once Trevor Noah takes the chair of The Daily Show, he’s going to have a huge platform to say all kinds of things that he wants to say."
Crystal O'Connor (ABC 57)

Backlash is swift and furious after Indiana pizza restaurant owner brags about ‘no gays’ policy

"This is a transparent attempt to fly the Christian martyr ‘mean Gays are calling us bigots’ flag in the hopes that other mouth-breathers in the area will rally to them and their crappy pizza the way Southerners rallied to Chick Fil-A."
Michele Fiore (Facebook)

Nevada’s ‘cancer is a fungus’ lawmaker proposes castration for pimps

State Rep. Michele Fiore (R-Las Vegas), who recently told a “colored” colleague that racism was over and suggested arming “hot little girls” on campus, said removal of the male reproductive organs would be an appropriate punishment for pimps.
Robert Reich speaks to Conan O'Brien (Screencap)

Robert Reich: The rich don’t work anymore — working is for poor people

A large portion of the super-rich have never broken a sweat.
John Bradford (Twitter)

Kansas Republican blows off voter: ‘I received your email — I don’t need it, so I am sending it back to you’

A Kansas Republican issued a dismissive response to a constituent’s email voicing concerns over legislation that would prohibit Uber from operating in the state.