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Ted Cruz as a vampire (Donkey Hotey, Creative Commons Licensed)

The 25 scariest people who are making this Halloween the most frightful ever

Knowing a good idea when we see one, we decided to throw together our own All-Hallowed Eve’s list of the country’s scariest zombies, ghouls, and other people trying to sell us a toxic version of the American nightmare.
New Hampshire GOP senatorial candidate Scott Brown during an Oct. 30, 2014 debate [YouTube]

Busted: Carpetbagger Scott Brown botches local New Hampshire question

Former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown (R) showed an apparent lack of familiarity with at least one New Hampshire county during his final debate with incumbent Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) on Thursday night.
Texas GOP judicial candidate Ron Natinsky (left) with state Attorney General Greg Abbott (R) [Ron Natinsky official Facebook page]

TX judicial candidate: Let’s convince Black voters to spend ‘food stamp money’ on election day

A Republican candidate for Dallas County Judge is trying to distance himself from videotaped remarks stereotyping Black voters as living on government assistance.
"Stock Photo: A Man Who Voted Holds Up His Voting Badge Lapel Pin." on Shutterstock: http://tinyurl.com/m4mu8gu

New Mexico begins new policy of refusing voter IDs to Navajo-speaking ‘illiterates’

“After Election Day, we will likely learn how many people have been affected by this avoidable civil rights mugging. When that number indeed comes to light, New Mexico will make national headlines for all the wrong reasons.”
Armando Ruiz speaks to KPNX (screen grab)

Latino ex-lawmaker held at gunpoint for honking: Arizona cop wanted ‘any reason to shoot us’

Armando Ruiz told KPNX that he was on his way to church on Monday night with fellow churchgoer Monica Rivera when 51-year-old police officer Jeremy Sweet cut him off in the unmarked van.
Richard Bunck (KABC)

California candidate insists his neo-Nazi past is behind him: ‘I’m not a hater’

Bunck and his church have recently been buying up property in Rachel, Nevada, near the classified Area 51 military base, closing down businesses and evicting residents.
Pope Francis looks on as he leaves the Chiesa Del Gesu (AFP)

Creationists aren’t happy that Pope Francis ripped their worldview

"I encourage you to pray that church leaders like these will realize that they are placing man’s opinions above God’s Word and that they will repent and trust God’s Word, beginning in Genesis."
NYPD Sgt. Alberto Randazzo (WCBS)

Feds: New York City cop plotted with woman to molest her baby — and they recorded it all on Skype

At least 11 Skype video files were recovered by investigators. It was not clear why the woman agreed to molest her child. Both face up to 15 years in jail if convicted.
High school students in classroom (Shutterstock)

Five science ‘facts’ you learned at school that are just plain wrong

Taste, touch, sight, hearing and smell don’t even begin to cover the ways we sense the world, and it is not just paperclips that are magnetic. Both tomatoes and humans interact with magnetic fields, too.