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[Image via Paul Stein, Creative Commons licensed]

Lawmakers rip NYPD after ‘frightened’ officer shoots and kills unarmed Brooklyn man

“People are outraged,” state Assembly member Charles Barron (D) told the New York Times. “This is happening all over the country, people have no respect for Black life. I want to hear the justification for this one."
Bob Marley (Bob Marley Facebook)

Marley-boro man: Reggae icon Bob Marley to become face of global weed brand

According to Marley’s daughter Cedella, her late father would have been pleased with the deal, saying, “My dad would be so happy to see people understanding the healing power of the herb.”
Kori Dobbs (Facebook)

Four white NY teens suspended for racist taunting of black class president

Kori Dobbs, who is black, was elected class president at Albany High School in late September, reported the Times Union, and she was taunted with racial slurs on Twitter almost immediately.
Kirk Cameron (Facebook)

Kirk Cameron is begging fans to help boost his movie’s putrid rating on Rotten Tomatoes

"If you’re interested in feeling like the entire world is against you and believe Kirk Cameron is the best thing since Jesus Christ, you will enjoy this film."
Bernard von NotHaus (YouTube)

Judge to ‘sovereign citizen’: No, you cannot just mint your own silver ‘liberty’ dollars

Von NotHaus — who claims he was once friends with LSD guru Timothy Leary — cooked up his Liberty Dollar scheme while operating the Royal Hawaiian Mint in the late 1990s and later declared himself “high priest” of the Free Marijuana Church of Honolulu.
Thomas Fallis, Ashley Fallis (7 News Denver)

Sheriff’s deputy shot wife to death after argument over toking up on New Years: police

According to the indictment, the couple reportedly kept arguing until Fallis grabbed a 9mm handgun and, during a struggle, “held the gun to the right side of Ashley’s head and pulled the trigger.”
President Barack Obama [AFP]

Obama’s immigration address has conservatives flipping out: ‘most racist speech ever’

Reacting to the president’s reference to the low-paying jobs the undocumented workers are often forced to take, conservatives seized upon the reference to “workers who pick our fruit,” claiming the president insulted the immigrants as “fruit pickers.”
Amy Strickland (WAVY)

School official responds to racist tweet uproar: Both my daughters had black prom dates!

Officials from the Norfolk chapter of the NAACP said they did not believe Strickland is racist, but they said the post she retweeted expressed a racist message.
Darren Wilson (Screenshot/YouTube)

Darren Wilson may resign from Ferguson police if grand jury declines to indict

Various media outlets, including CNN, have reported that Wilson has told associates he would resign to help ease tensions and protect his fellow officers ahead of the grand jury announcement.