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Poor woman (Shuttertsock)

Indiana taxpayers ripped off in horrifying scheme that targeted poor pregnant women

In an email Robinson sent to her employers in spring 2013, cited in the lawsuit, Robinson raised concerns about a “broken system” and identified 14 cases where the lives of the mother and/or baby were endangered, and two with “terrible outcomes” within a six to eight-month period. In response, HealthNet Chief Medical Officer Donald Trainor said her request to fix the problem was “premature,” according to the lawsuit.
Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson [Moyers and Company]

Neil deGrasse Tyson: Reporters need to stop promoting phony scientific debates for headlines and ‘clicks’

“There’s this journalistic ethos saying if I get one opinion then I need to get another opinion that countervails that,” Tyson said. “So if I say the world is round, are you obligated to say the world is flat, lest someone think you are being biased in your reporting? Well, that’s absurd.”
Donald Trump on 'The Late Show' [CBS]

Donald Trump deletes offensive Hillary Clinton tweet after blaming it on a ‘staff member’

On Thursday the verified Twitter account of Trump posted a retweet of a comment from Twitter user @mplefty67’s stating, “If Hillary Clinton can’t satisfy her husband what makes her think she can satisfy America?”
Filmmaker George Lucas (Shutterstock)

George Lucas strikes back: Filmmaker to build affordable housing despite rich neighbors’ protests

Stymied in his attempts to develop the property known as Skywalker Ranch, Star Wars creator George Lucas will finance and build affordable housing in wealthy Marin County over the protests of his neighbors.
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This is how the rest of the world sleeps — in 4 charts

We all know sleep is vital and that we should get around eight hours a night. Our sleeping habits, such as our bedtime, how long we sleep, and what time we wake up determine sleep quality, but how does the rest of the world sleep?
Author Stephen King [Facebook.com]

Stephen King on GOP 2016 candidates: ‘I thought I was supposed to write the horror stories’

Author Stephen King made it clear on Friday that he is not a big fan of the current crop of Republicans running for the 2016 presidential nomination.
Ohio middle school student posts image of herself with 'FEMINIST' restored on her shirt [Instagram]

Ohio middle school backs down after deleting ‘feminist’ from student’s class photo shirt

A middle school student in Batavia, Ohio won out over her school after officials deleted the word “feminist” from the shirt she wore for her class photo.
'Angry Businessman Working On The Laptop' [Shutterstock]

How the bitter men of the MRA movement ruin things for other guys

While they claim to speak for men, their rhetoric may be just as bad for men as it is for women.

Revealed: Ex-Sen. Chris Dodd helped ‘liberal Hollywood’ raise money for the GOP

After the Republicans took over the House of Representatives in 2010, Hollywood bigwigs, often stereotyped as liberals, adapted.