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Jefferson historian condemns Nativity displays: ‘Religious freedom is not a matter of majority vote’

A historian who specializes in religious freedom and Thomas Jefferson this week tried to set the record straight for Christians who were upset because Satanists intended to put up a holiday display at the Michigan Capitol.
Screenshot of Reza Aslan, a professor at the University of California, Riverside (CNN)

Reza Aslan explains why conservatives think Obama is a Muslim

Conservatives who claim that Barack Obama is really a Muslim don’t actually think the president is a follower of Islam, according to religious scholar Reza Aslan. They are just using the label to “otherize” him.
Donald Brantz (Sarpy County)

Iowa candidate running to replace Joni Ernst charged with sexual assault in Nebraska

Donald Brantz, a 69-year-old Libertarian candidate, was charged with "third-degree sexual assault, third-degree assault, disturbing the peace and interfering with a public service company."
Michelle Bachmann (WND)

Michele Bachmann: I destroyed liberal arguments with my superior logic

Bachmann told World Net Daily, which referred to her as a “GOP legend” in the headline, that she had become a media target because she had basically outsmarted her liberal foes.
Former Vice President Dick Cheney (Screen capture)

Fact-checkers tear apart Dick Cheney’s pro-torture interviews

Fact-checking organizations have now pored over Cheney’s statements to Fox News’ Brett Baier and MSNBC’s Chuck Todd and found several instances where Cheney and the truth parted ways.
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Georgia deputy’s girlfriend shot to death in bed during make-up sex after night of fighting and drinking

"I can’t sit here and say he was at fault in any way, or that he wasn’t at fault. I just don’t know."
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Pair charged in rape of Texas girl whose assault was mocked on social media

The high school junior said she passed out and doesn’t recall what happened afterward, but other teens shared evidence of the assault and began mocking her online.
Roan Garcia-Quintana (YouTube)

South Carolina Tea Party invites opponent of interracial marriage to speak at its convention

Garcia-Quintana frequently introduces himself as “the Confederate Cuban,” by which he means he is “Havana born, Savannah raised.” Despite this, he is the executive director of the anti-immigrant group Americans Have Had Enough.
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Wash. white supremacist fatally shoots black man, then dies in shootout with cops

Pierce County deputies responded early Wednesday morning to reports of shots being fired, and found a black man with a gunshot wound.