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Pitbull Maximus (Fox 4 DFW )

Texas police officer accused of luring pit bull with ‘kissing noises’ before shooting it

A Texas couple is accusing a Cleburne police officer of luring one of their pit bulls that had escaped their yard with ‘kissing noises’ before shooting the dog three times, killing it.
Student in the library (Shutterstock)

Majority of millennials don’t have a college degree — and that’s going to cost all of us

Young people without college degrees and decent jobs are on a downwardly-mobile slide.
Blue Hawaii wedding (Elvis Wedding Chapel, Las Vegas)

Elvis-themed Vegas chapel refuses to sanctify same-sex weddings despite court OK

Same-sex couples wishing to have a have a memorable Elvis-themed wedding in Las Vegas will be disappointed if they show up on the rice-strewn steps of the Elvis Wedding Chapel on Las Vegas Blvd.
Placeoderm (Wikimedia Commons)

Humans have ancient armored Scottish fish to thank for joys of sexual intercourse

Scientists studying fossils have discovered that the intimate act of sexual intercourse used by humans was pioneered by ancient armored fishes, called placoderms, about 385 million years ago in Scotland.
Keene Pumpkin Festival riots (Screen capture)

Whites riot over pumpkins in NH and Twitter turns it into epic lesson about Ferguson

One rioter said that he traveled from Haverhill, Massachusetts to attend the festival because he know it would be “f*cking wicked. It’s just like a rush. You’re revolting from the cops,” he continued. “It’s a blast to do things that you’re not supposed to do.”
Cardinal Raymond Burke via screencap

Controversial conservative cardinal of St. Louis says he was demoted by Pope Francis

Burke, a former archbishop of St Louis, has publicly challenged Pope Francis on issues including abortion and homosexuality.
Montre` Merritt’s (News4 GA)

Georgia teen forced to ground at gunpoint for seat-belt violation files $12.5 million lawsuit

The family of high school athlete who was pulled over and forced to the ground at gunpoint over a seat-belt violation has filed a $12.5 million lawsuit against the Waycross, Georgia police department.