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GOP CA gubernatorial candidate Neel Kashkari [youtube]

‘Felony stupid’: CA Republicans clash after candidate’s homeless stunt

The dispute between Neel Kashkari and the party’s nominee for state controller, Fresno Mayor Ashley Swearengin, allegedly dates back to this past July, when Kashkari spent a week living in Fresno as a homeless person while trying to find a job.
Richard "Pedie" Perez (KGO-TV)

Witnesses: Officer stepped back, gunned down California man outside liquor store

Family members plan to sue the police officer who shot an unarmed 24-year-old California man last week outside a liquor store.
"Goddesses With Guns" rally in San Antonio (KSAT/screen grab)

San Antonio “Goddesses with Guns” rally attracts more men than rifle-toting female deities

According to the San Antonio Express-News, a group of women from Houston and “about 40 other people” -- most of them men -- gathered in San Antonio on Saturday to show support for their Second Amendment rights.
Wesleyan students ( Wesleyan University website)

Wesleyan, accused of harboring ‘Rape Factory,’ orders frats to admit women

There has been pressure on the university to ban residential fraternal organizations, following a federal lawsuit filed against the university in 2012 over a sexual assault against a woman at the Mu Epsilon chapter of Beta Theta Pi, a fraternity house the lawsuit claimed was known on campus as the “Rape Factory.”
Tobacco Plant For Disease Testing (Shutterstock)

Scientists ‘hack’ tobacco plants to produce much higher yield — still working on food

“Hearing the results of this experiment for the first time was definitely one of those ‘Eureka!’ moments you live for as a scientist,” Hanson said. The tobacco plant should, in theory, be able to increase crop yield by 35 to 60 percent, and drastically cut down on the amount of fertilizer needed to establish and maintain large fields.
Carl DeMaio (Facebook)

GOP nominee announces aid hire on Twitter then fires him after seeing ‘n*gger,’ F*cking jew’ tweets

Republican congressional candidate Carl DeMaio of San Diego briefly hired and almost immediately fired a new campaign aide after his racist, sexist, and anti-Semitic tweets were discovered online.
Charlo Green (Facebook)

Alaska reporter outs herself as pro-pot activist in epic on-air resignation: ‘F*ck it, I quit’

An Alaska television reporter surprised viewers and her colleagues by quitting in dramatic fashion to focus on the legalization of marijuana.
Emma Watson Screen Capture (YouTube)

4chan to Emma Watson: You speak out on gender equality, we release nude photos

"Harry Potter" actress Emma Watson delivered an impassioned speech aimed at ending gender inequality — and the hacker group 4chan responded by promising to release nude photographs of her.
Rick Perry (YouTube)

Rick Perry: Joan Rivers might still be alive if NYC had strict Texas abortion law

Texas Gov. Rick Perry claimed that if New York City’s outpatient surgical clinics had to operate under the strict laws that would have governed abortion clinics in his state had a judge not struck them down, Joan Rivers might still be alive.