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18-year-old manslaughter suspect Michelle Carter [WCVB-TV]

Mass. teen accused of pushing her friend to suicide before using his name for fundraiser

Prosecutors charged Michelle Carter with involuntary manslaughter, saying text messages show her encouraging 18-year-old Conrad Roy III to commit suicide last July.
Photo of Charles Darwin by Julia Margaret Cameron [Wikipedia Commons]

New Mexico museum scuttles Darwin events after creationists demand ‘intelligent design’ coverage

“It’s a very controversial issue,” said James Campbell, one of the men who contacted state officials. “There’s a tremendous body of evidence against Darwinian evolution, and we think people should be aware of that.”
Leonard Nimoy (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

These Leonard Nimoy farewells from friends and fellow travelers will hit your heart-spot

Many of Leonard Nimoy’s friends and fans have reacted to news of his passing on social media. His most iconic friend — the Shatner to his Spock — wrote: "I loved him like a brother. We will all miss his humor, his talent, and his capacity to love."
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Muslim girl sings ‘Star Spangled Banner’ as Oklahoma anti-Islamic protesters scream insults

While an American Muslim girl sang the “Star Spangled Banner” inside the statehouse in Oklahoma City, about two dozen anti-Islamic protesters outside hurled insults at the group, mostly students, as they visited the Capitol to speak with lawmakers.
'Couple in a hotel room' [Shutterstock]

N. Carolina officials: Sex between lobbyists and lawmakers has ‘no monetary value’

Officials in North Carolina handed down a ruling that attempts to clarify rules regarding “consensual sexual relations” between lobbyists and state lawmakers. But critics contend that it leaves the door open for third-party arranged liaisons.
Andrew Caldwell (Facebook.com)

‘I’m not gay no more’ viral video star says God still hasn’t made him straight

The Missouri man whose gay-to-straight “conversion” video went viral last year said that the clip has cost him, “mentally and physically,” and that he continues to struggle with his desires for other men.
Scott Walker (Screen shot)

Scott Walker’s budget kills university requirements to report sexual assaults

The Wisconsin governor's proposed budget would not merely cut nearly $300 million from the University of Wisconsin system, it would eliminate the requirement that campus employees report sexual assaults they have witnessed.
Muscular volleyball player (Shutterstock.com)

South Carolina college bans homosexuality after athletes come out as gay

Last year, two players on the Erskine volleyball team, Drew Davis and Juan Verona, went public with the fact that they are gay men. The team went on to play against the top teams in the nation at the NCAA tournament.
Jesus illustration gst / Shutterstock.com

9 things you think you know about Jesus that are probably wrong

Evidence points to some startling conclusions about what the historical Jesus was like—if he existed at all.