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McMass (Screen capture)

Christian ‘branding agency’ seeks $1 million for ‘McMass’ project to put McDonald’s in churches

"We want to see churches return to the center of everyday life, and the way to engage with our modern culture is through innovation."
Fidel Salinas

‘Fricking garbage’: Feds threaten alleged Anonymous hacker with 440 years in prison

Nearly half the counts in the indictment were cyberstalking charges based on Salinas submitting a public contact form filled with junk text to an unnamed victim’s website.
Businessman Sinking In Heap Of Documents  (Shutterstock)

Tea Party Army: Send us your money and we’ll defeat Islam with our fax machines

According to a recent Tea Party Army newsletter, "[t]he number of Muslims in America has increased by 350-percent since Barack Hussein Obama came into power."
Protesters overturn a police car during clashes with police following the grand jury decision in the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, on November 24, 2014 (AFP Photo/Jewel Samad)

‘GO BACH TO AFRICA’: School adds security after girl’s racist Ferguson tweet explodes

The student’s comment urging black people to go back to Africa was retweeted more than 3,7000 times by the following morning and provoked a wave of angry responses.
Planets in space and a spiral galaxy (Shutterstock.com)

Cosmic rays render 90 percent of the universe a lifeless desert, astronomers say

“It’s kind of surprising that we can have life only in 10% of galaxies and only after 5 billion years,” says Washburn University physicist Brian Thomas, who was not a part of this study. But “my overall impression is that they are probably right.”
Miriam Moskowitz (Screen capture)

98-year-old woman fights to overturn McCarthy-era conspiracy conviction

In 1950, Miriam Moskowitz and her married lover, Abraham Brothman, were convicted of conspiring to lie to federal investigators. The basis of their conviction was the testimony of a confessed Soviet agent.
Oklahoma man shot and killed on Thanksgiving (KRMG)

Oklahoma man accidentally shot and killed as family gathers for Thanksgiving

“We’re dealing with a lot of family members,” said Capt. Milburn Littrell, of Claremore police. “It’s a terrible day.”
Police officer standing behind yellow caution tape (Shutterstock)

UN torture watchdog urges US to crack down on police brutality

The committee decried “excruciating pain and prolonged suffering” endured by prisoners during “botched executions” as well as frequent rapes of inmates, shackling of pregnant women in some prisons, and extensive use of solitary confinement.
Michael Brown (Facebook)

Reefer madness: Prosecutors mentioned Mike Brown’s pot use 44 times in grand jury hearings

One of the construction workers who spoke with Brown before the shooting told St. Louis Police investigators that part of his conversation with Brown involved “waxing,” a process that uses the sticky resin or tar that comes from marijuana.