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Russell Brand (Screen capture)

Russell Brand: ‘Ferguson is a microcosm of centuries of racial oppression’

On the latest episode of The Trews, British comedian and social activist Russell Brand responded to Fox News’ coverage of the grand jury’s decision not to indict Darren Wilson and the protests that followed.
Businessman in handcuffs (Shutterstock)

Man sues after Minn. police come to his home, arrest him for calling them racists on Facebook

A federal lawsuit filed by a Minnesota man alleges that Arena police violated his civil rights by charging him for calling officers racists on Facebook.
Anonymous #TangoDownGov (YouTube)

Anonymous dumps KKK leader’s personal information online

The online hacker collective Anonymous dumped a trove of personal information online belonging to alleged members of the Ku Klux Klan.
Brian Dennison

Cop fires gun at unarmed Florida man rushing home during daughter’s asthma attack

A Florida sheriff’s deputy averted a gunshot at the last second Tuesday to avoid wounding a man he realized was not armed.

These charts show just how bad gun violence is in the US when compared to other developed countries

Here are two charts to help you understand where America stands in relation to other developed nations when it comes to gun violence.
'Child Reading A Book At A Desk' [Shutterstock]

Oklahoma school district cancels Hobby Lobby-backed religious course after activist pressure

The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) said on its website on Tuesday that the Mustang Public Schools district canceled the course, “The Book: The Bible’s History, Narrative and Impact.”
Michael Brown speaks to ABC News (screen grab)

Darren Wilson tells ABC he has a ‘clean conscience,’ and would shoot Michael Brown again

Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson insisted on Tuesday that he had no other choice than to fatally shoot unarmed teen Michael Brown.
Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran

Atlanta fire chief’s book says ‘unclean’ gay people ‘defile their body-temple and dishonor God’

He was suspended because he violated city rules by not seeking and receiving approval to publish the book, in which he compares homosexuality to bestiality and proclaims that his top priority as head of the fire department was “to cultivate its culture to the glory of God.”
Eckerd College President Donald R. Eastman III (screen capture)

Florida college president: Drink less and be ‘virtuous’ and campus sex assaults will stop

“I’m pretty p—– off. That’s a pretty insensitive thing to say,” said Marlene Heyning, 19, to the Times. “Instead of teaching people that it’s wrong to have casual sex and drink alcohol, how about teaching them that having sex with someone who says ‘no’ is not okay?”