Jim Neal backs Obama/Clinton ticket

By pams
Tuesday, June 3, 2008 17:35 EDT
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(NOTE: CNN is reporting that Hillary will concede tonight, but Camp Clinton says CNN/AP got it wrong: “Senator Clinton will not concede the nomination this evening.”)

I’m a huge fan of former U.S. Senate candidate Jim Neal fan, as Blenders and Pandas know, but I can’t get behind a “reconciliation ticket.” Jim endorsed Obama, but he believes this is the pairing that will ensure success in November. He makes his case at Daily Kos and BlueNC. We report, you decide. A snippet.

Now that the Presidential primary season is winding down after months and millions of votes cast, it’s now time to set our focus on November and winning back the Presidency.

Both Senator Clinton and Senator Obama have energized millions of new voters, and all of them are committed to seeing a Democrat in the White House in January.

Certainly, there has been a great deal of back-and-forth bickering between Sen. Obama and Sen. Clinton’s campaigns – and each candidate has millions of passionate supporters. But now it’s time for unity – and I believe the best way to unite the party is to unite the two strongest candidates our party has ever seen.

That’s why I support an Obama-Clinton ticket.

I hope you’ll join me by adding your voice to those calling for an Obama-Clinton ticket. You can add your signature at DraftObamaClinton.com.

The DraftObamaClinton.com web site gives regular citizens a way to weigh in on the VP selection process. Senator Obama has said he will have to make his vice presidential choice quickly after the primaries end this week.

Citizen involvement and grassroots organization is a cornerstone of Senator Obama’s campaign, and frankly, a foundation of our democracy. We’ve seen millions of new voters involved this campaign season. Their voices make a difference, and that’s what DraftObamaClinton.com is all about.

You can rank your pick for VP here. Meanwhile, my thoughts are below the fold.

Obama has campaigned on changing DC; Clinton represents everything that’s wrong with business as usual in Washington. With all the new registered Democratic voters seeking change, why go this route? Her debt-riddled, consultant class-laden campaign, the obvious sense of entitlement in her universe and the way she her team has polarized voters (and tried to capitalize on open wounds of racism) would only be validated by such a move. As others have said, it presents the same opportunities for Republican smears as if she were at the top of the ticket. They’ve been waiting and hoping for that opportunity.

That pairing would drag a lot of downticket races into the can.

There are other ways to unify the party than to compromise the Obama “brand” with this move; folks need to think outside of the box on this one. The disaffected Hillary supporters who would cast their vote for McCain before Obama should not be dismissed, but what kind of commitment do they have to party principles if they are willing to throw away Roe v. Wade, for example, in their anger?

For instance, I received this email twice yesterday, and posted it in another thread. How many people do you think this supporter represents?

Your last chance for Women’s “Equal Rights! 
Never again will most women voters in this upcoming Election have an opportunity to
choose a WOMAN as a Presidential Nominee, with a chance to be PRESIDENT!
Don’t lose the one opportunity you may have in your lifetime, to finally bring the equality of:
 ”Equal Rights”  for women?  It is guaranteed by the US Constitution!
Consider for a moment that:
 Women in 2008 are still fighting for ‘Constitutionally guaranteed’ “Equal Rights”!
Women are not fairly represented in the US Supreme Court! 1 woman—8 men!
Women were granted  the “Right to Vote”  50 years after  Afro-Americans!
Women are still paid much less than men when doing the very same job!
Most all State, and Government executive offices are held by men!
Women have never held the office of President of the US!
Women are not fairly represented in Congress!
Chauvinist men revel in their power over women.
  Men vote for men, and against women.
       Oddly, some women vote the same.  
  You can help!      Promote  &  VOTE    Hillary! 
  43 men—-0 zero women!
Twenty four (24) years is eternity!   (Last women candidate!)
If you really care for justice and equality Hillary is a MUST!

Remember this inconsolable Hillary supporter, Harriet Christian, who unloaded her anger on reporters at the outcome of the DNC Rules Committee hearing on Saturday about how the party is…

“…throwing the election away…for what — an inadequate black male who would not have been running had it not been a white woman that was running for president. I’m not going to shut my mouth anymore. I can be called white, but you can’t be called black…God Damn the Democrats.”

How many people do you think she represents? And I don’t mean that in terms of vitriol or volume, but in terms of commitment to either stay home or vote for McCain regardless of that impact on the country?

The part that disturbs me is the idea that there is some sort of line of social progression that must be followed, and Obama’s legitimate win (by the standards set by the party) is somehow jumping ahead in line as a black man before a woman. No matter that this is toxic thinking, but it completely leaves out the position women of color are in. Are we to choose between our gender or our race, or are we just some irrelevant group somewhere way back in the social progression line? It’s dismissive, myopic thinking that has gone on throughout this primary race, and it’s divisive and damaging — but not surprising given our country’s inability to rationally discuss gender and race matters.

An honest question — for Clinton supporters who are disappointed but pragmatic, is there any scenario that is acceptable if she is not Obama’s VP choice? Are we able to have a healthy discussion when this is so raw for so many?

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