G*d damn. Can we afford a computer illiterate doofus as POTUS?

By pams
Wednesday, June 11, 2008 4:52 EDT
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Sorry to bring up this guy again, but this is the living end. After posting about McSame’s idiotic reference to his campaign using “a Google” to vet his VP candidates, I come across this video (from early on in GOP primary) that I hadn’t seen. If anything should disqualify a person from leading us into the future, it should be this level of computer illiteracy. Voters, meet unashamed Luddite John McCain.

Interviewer: Are you a Mac or a PC user?
McCain: Neither. I am an illiterate that has to rely on my wife for all the assistance that I can get.

There are plenty of “seasoned” citizens out there who surf the web and know how to use email, so he doesn’t get a pass for playing the crusty old coot card. There is zero excuse for John McCain to be completely helpless at the keyboard. If he cannot grasp the basic concept of email, the Internet, blogs or even a word processor on his own, we know the man is living in the past. You cannot delegate out knowledge about 21st century communication and technology that you would need to make critical decisions about the direction you want to take this country in, and how to protect and secure it in the digital age. Completely unacceptable.

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