Bad Chicago news for The Peter

By pams
Wednesday, June 18, 2008 1:27 EDT
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The Peter is probably having a cow right now since this is in his backyard.

An openly gay Chicago alderman is proposing changes to the city’s domestic partner benefits plan to ensure that the partners of city workers remain insured if they marry in California.

The existing plan contains a provision that prohibits the same-sex domestic partners of employees from receiving benefits if either partner is married. When the insurance plan was crafted same-sex marriage was not contemplated and the exclusion was meant to cover instances where an employee or partner was already in an opposite-sex marriage so that the city would not be paying for both a spouse and a partner.

“Our domestic partner [ordinance] was specifically for domestic partners, never thinking that this day of marriage would come so quickly. Now, in this ever-changing landscape of legislation, there’s a Catch-22,” Alderman Tom Tunney told the Chicago Tribune.

…Tunney, Chicago’s first openly gay alderman, said he expects the newest revision to be approved with little difficulty.

LaBarbera already had his knickers in a twist over Chicago Pride and the allegedly anti-Christian programming by Chicago public television station WTTW.

Americans For Truth President Peter LaBarbera today accused the Chicago public TV station WTTW, and by extension the Public Broadcasting System, of using taxpayer monies to celebrate homosexuality and worse, air programs that displays flagrant anti-religious bigotry during “Gay Pride Month.”

What were these flagrant displays? In his post he cites, among other devastating bigotry:

* A homosexual male couple adopting a Guatemalan baby.
* Repeated assertions that God made homosexuals that way and that portray Christians who disagree as hateful, ignorant or prejudiced. Said one homosexual man’s mother: “God created homosexuality. It’s just part of a person.”

Come on, man, this is weak.

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