American Family Association funnels $500K to ‘Protect Marriage’ Prop 8 group

By pams
Sunday, August 3, 2008 6:46 EDT
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In what is clearly seen as a Custer’s Last Stand for the professional homophobe set, someone at the Tupelo, Mississippi-based gay-hating American Family Association managed to pry $500K from the miserly, decrepit “Christian” hands of Don Wildmon to underwrite the pro-Prop 8 activities of ProtectMarriage.com. (CNS News):

In a message to supporters, AFA acknowledged its “obligation to be good stewards of the gifts given to this ministry. We don’t buy anything on credit. We have no debt. We are careful to make sure your gifts are used wisely. We are very frugal with your gifts.”

AFA said it has put aside money over the years so it would have the funds to meet whatever need might arise. The $500,000 for ProtectMarriage.com came from those savings, it said.

“If California defeats Proposition 8, it will open the floodgates for same-sex marriage in all the other states. The battle in California isn’t simply about California. It will affect every state, yours included. The homosexual groups have already raised millions, and are expected to spend nearly $20 million to destroy marriage as it has existed for thousands of years.”

The article notes that there was a pitch for cash in the missive. These fundie tools are just incredible, but even more stunning is the perpetual notion projected that TEH HOMOS, are so powerful. Let’s see, how many state amendments have these fringe whack jobs managed to pass? The problem is that they know the momentum isn’t with them, and with the economy sucking, as Lurleen’s diary pointed out, states are salivating at all that same-sex marriage and tourism cash that will be streaming to pro-equality states. The almighty dollar is going to eventually shut these bible beating bigots up.

Let’s do more to drain Don’s coffers.

* AFA President Don Wildmon: Culture War Lost If Prop 8 Doesn’t Pass

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