(AugustePDX, in case anyone was wondering)

By auguste
Tuesday, August 19, 2008 0:15 EDT
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So. Through the magic of Gmail’s infinite contact list, John Hawkins of RightWingNews gets invited to everything I ever join as soon as I click the “invite my Gmail contacts.” Thus it is that Mr. Hawkins is my friend on Facebook, and I am his follower on Twitter. For now. And it was through Twitter that I got the notice that he had created a new anti-Obama commercial which he had posted at RightWingNews…and which I hesitantly embed below. I’m not going to link to the post itself, because I’m unusually conflicted about putting eyes on this, but it’s fucking awful, and I figure bigotry needs airing.

I mean…really?

For those not in the know, or who can’t see the video, it’s a direct homage to Jesse Helms’ “Hands” ad, but with Hillary Clinton as the job-seeker and Barack Obama as the shiftless underqualified black guy who took her job.

It was racist then, and it’s racist now, John.

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