Watch Palin’s ‘open book exam’ – reading her answers during the debate

By pams
Friday, October 3, 2008 20:09 EDT
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Just painful. All Bible Spice needed was someone turning a key in her back to wind her up to spout the answer. After all, wasn’t Bush wired up for his debate?

Hat tip to Think Progress:

For Sarah Palin, last night’s debate was an open-book exam. She spent much of the evening methodically reading and rehearsing answers from “carefully scripted talking points.” Palin’s notes were largely hidden from plain view, resting behind the lectern where she stood.

Because the cable and network television stations did not show a split screen of the debate, most viewers could not see that, during Joe Biden’s answers, Palin spent almost all her time looking down and studiously reading her notes. But viewers did see that when Palin delivered her answers, she would repeatedly glance down to check her talking points.

For a good laugh, read Red State‘s Bizarro World interpretation of the debate.

Palin devastated Biden. She put him on the defensive. She made him sigh repeatedly. He rolled his eyes, licked his teeth, talked down, pontificated, and really did himself few favors. About the only major point score for Biden was talking about being a single parent.


I don’t know how I missed this gem about Dick Cheney from Palin’s interview with Katie Couric — it’s below the fold. Palin: Darth Cheney’s worst act was shooting a man in the face

When you juxtapose Palin’s answers with Biden’s, she looks even more vapid.

COURIC: What do you think is the best and worst thing that Dick Cheney has done as vice president?

BIDEN: I’m not being a wise guy here … that I don’t know what he’s done. I mean, there’s not many things I’d pick that I thought he’s done that have been good. But I admire his strength. I admire his willingness to take positions that are completely contrary to popular opinion. But I think that what he’s done has been just, I don’t think Dick Cheney trusts that the American people can make judgments that are in the interest of the country. But the thing I think he’s really, really has done: I think he’s done more harm than any other single high elected official in memory in terms of shredding the constitution. You know, condoning torture, pushing torture as a policy. This idea of a unitary executive, meaning the Congress and the people have no power in a time of war, and the president controls everything. I don’t have any animus toward Dick Cheney but I really do think his attitude about the constitution and the prosecution of this war has been absolutely wrong.

PALIN: Worst thing, I guess that would have been the duck-hunting accident, where you know, that was an accident. And that I think that was made into a caricature of him. And that was kind of unfortunate.

So, the best thing though, he’s shown support, along with George W. Bush, of our troops. And I’ve been there when George Bush has spoken to families of those who have suffered greatly, those who are serving in the military. I’ve been there when President Bush has embraced those families and expressed the concern and the sympathy speaking for all of America in those times. And for Dick Cheney to have supported that effort of George Bush’s. I respect that.

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