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By pams
Wednesday, October 8, 2008 6:10 EDT
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WTF was this comment by McCain? – what a rude SOB.

“MCCAIN: I know you grow a little weary with this back-and-forth. It was an energy bill on the floor of the Senate loaded down with goodies, billions for the oil companies, and it was sponsored by Bush and Cheney.

You know who voted for it? You might never know. That one. (points to Obama) You know who voted against it? Me. I have fought time after time against these pork barrel — these bills that come to the floor… .”

One of my readers seized the moment and took to the mouse to produce some nifty Obama graphics featuring the phrase, including this one:

The right wing is losing its cookies over Grampy’s new bailout proposal, btw. Read the Michelle Malkin meltdown and Freeper head explosions below the fold. McCain’s proposal to buy up (more?) mortgages has the wingers apoplectic. The base is crumbling. Michelle Malkin:

I can’t underscore enough what a rotten idea John McCain’s ACORN-like government mortgage buy-up is. I said it during my liveblog. And I’ll say it again: “HE WANTS TO EXPAND THE BAILOUT. He wants to do what ACORN wants to do. We’re Screwed ‘08.”

This was his supposed “game-changer.” This was the very first thing out of his mouth during the debate tonight — his big pitch right off the bat. The McCain campaign immediately sent out this fact sheet on the proposal, which will cost at least $300 billion. The proposal involves directing the Treasury Secretary to “purchase mortgages directly from homeowners and mortgage servicers.” That’s on top of the trillion-dollar crap sandwich, the $85 billion to AIG, the $25 billion to automakers, the $200 billion in capital and credit lines to Fannie and Freddie, and who knows what else we’ll be forking over to California, Massachusetts, etc., etc., etc.

He spent the entire debate assailing massive government spending — while his featured proposal of the night was to heap on more massive government spending to pursue home ownership/retention at all costs. If Obama had proposed this, the Right would be screaming bloody murder about this socialist grab.

The Freepi heads are exploding!

Actual Freeper Quotes

I’m so incredibly angry about this that I can’t see straight.

Get over it! I don’t care what McCain says. He can say whatever he wants, just so long as we keep NOBAMA out of the WH!

Why don’t you wait and here what the plan is first? McCain said he will have freezes, cuts, and his budgets with be revenue neutral. Give the man a chance.

Is it just me or do we have to chose between two very bad candidates?

I forget, which one is the socialist?

Yawn. I would vote for Satan rather than The Empty Maxist Suit.

I love you koolaiders. You amuse me. SOCIALISM IS GOOD BECAUSE MCCAIN SAYS SO! RAH RAH RAH!

Memo to Michelle Malkin: try attacking the other side. I have become so tired of this woman.

This is going to backfire because most Americans have to pay their mortgages and their taxes and only a small percentage of homeowners are in trouble. If it looks like welfare, and it smells like welfare, it’s welfare. This will cost him a couple of points in the polls.

That made me apoplectic. Talk about frigging socialism and right after this bailout monstrosity that he suspended his campaign to help push through. How in the world did this guy become the standard bearer of our nominally “conservative” party? He is a BIG GOVERNMENT LIBERAL. Is he as bad as Obama? Of course not but he is the ultimate proof that we are left with two liberal parties in the US. We have no national conservative party. We have the democrat party and the democrat-light party.

It just depends on what the guidelines for the buy are, but right now..I have to go the same way our COMRADES on the other side. Whatever it takes to defeat Obama..we can deal with the details with McCain the White House, and Palin swinging the gavel in the SEnate..sorry Harry, but she is the President.

Well, here’s the thing. They bring in Sarah Palin to shore up the conservative base and the theory is that that frees up McCain to work on winning over the independents. We just had a fantastically unpopular bailout of … how many billions are we up to? … and McCain essentially said he’s going to ADD to that. Is this going to win over the independents? I’m thinking it’s not. But yes, in theory, it’s all about keeping Obama and his thugs out of power.

Carla Fiorina is on Fox right now supporting this Socialism and is proud of the idea that Gov’t should be doing this.

I am sick to my stomach over it. Carly Fiorina is on Fox now saying we have to stop falling house prices! Government can now set the value of houses? What happened to the free market? It’s called a bubble for a reason!!!!!!! Somebody pinch me.

NOBAMA can spend all night flatulating out of his mount and the RATS won’t give a RATSASS, just as long as he wins. WELL, WE’D BETTER WAKE THE HELL UP TOO, AND STOP THE INTERNAL WHINING FOR KRIPES SAKES!

No, he’s only proposed trillions in spending/economic cuts via global warming. No need to get worked up over that, of course. Because McCain’s socialism is good, right?

Yeah, she stands up for conservatism and following the law. The guy you idolize stands for socialism and breaking the law. I can see where you tire. We may have to vote for this tired old hump named McCain just to keep the Marxist out, but if Mc gets in, it isn’t exactly a victory.

I understand how you feel, but these morons like Malkin need to stand back and take a careful look at the man they are helping to get into office, Barack Obama. McCain’s desire to spend $300 billion pales in comparison to any of a number of Obama’s proposals, such as the $775 billion World Poverty Relief bill. Add to that all the lost freedom, which is nearly impossible to get back, that Obama wants to see legislated, and people like Michelle Malkin need to just shut the hell up and quit preening in front of their blogging mirrors. No offense to anyone other than Michelle intended.


Hard not to when our candidate just poked us in the eye like that.

Can’t – the socialists have taken over this thread. I’ve said it before, FR needs a socialist enema.

so who is going to bankroll the island where FReepers can live? I couldn’t be more mad at McCain right now even if I tried.

“How in the world did this guy become the standard bearer of our nominally ‘conservative’ party?”

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