Tonight’s guest post by Gateway Pundit commenter “Nahanni”

By auguste
Sunday, October 12, 2008 8:24 EDT
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Let me see…

I would much rather have Sarah Palin “a heartbeat away from the Presidency” then that racist, sexist totalitarian demagogue named Barak Obama. A man who activly supports and uses his powers as a senator to assist in the gang rape and murder of little girls and boys in Kenya. Who vehemently supports the exposure of infants, to leave them to die on shelves in a janitor’s closet. Who will throw anyone and everyone under the bus in his lust for power and a person who will do that will not hesitate to kill anyone who gets in his way once he has the power to do so.

To me it is a “no brianer”. I choose Sarah Palin.

Of course, you may now run back to the “reality-based community” to see if you can find another “talking point” in the fetid mire of the bottom of the fever swamp in which you live. Just remember that once you outlive your usefulness to your Obamamessiah you will be expendible, just like Ernst Rohm was to his “messiah”. One that was an awful lot like your “messiah”.

From here.

I don’t know why Nahanni’s hating on Brian, he’s gone through enough.

And I have to laugh at Pam “Monica” Geller calling anything a ‘game changer’ at this point; the only reason McCain NEEDS a game changer is that Obama’s playing Chess and McCain’s playing Ants in the Pants.

(h/t Mass Law Forum. Sorry no transcript for the video, it’s a very wordy comedy monologue sketch. [Totally forgot words mean things, apparently.])

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