John McCain: the ultimate self-loathing man, tries to save NC with man who slimed him in SC

By pams
Sunday, October 19, 2008 19:33 EDT
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Let’s just say it out loud one more time – John McCain is sick in the head. The pursuit of the presidency for the Arizona senator has so corrupted him that he’s willing to hire the strategist who was responsible for the 2000 “black baby” rumor (that his adopted daughter Bridget was the result of a dalliance with a prostitute) responsible for destroying his chances the last time around.

ABC News has learned that Warren Tompkins, one of the strategists of then-Gov. George W. Bush’s South Carolina campaign in 2000 — which Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., blamed for his family being slimed — is now a part of the McCain-Palin campaign team, albeit in an “unofficial” role.

…The news of Tompkins being brought on board the McCain campaign brings to a total of three the number of GOP operatives McCain now is using despite the fact that he once held them responsible for the ugly campaign that contributed to his South Carolina primary defeat, a campaign in which McCain’s wife Cindy was attacked for her past addiction to painkillers, and the McCains’ adopted Bangladeshi daughter Bridget was targeted as his illegitimate black baby.

Last month, to the dismay of many McCain 2000 alumni, McCain hired another former Palmetto State opponent, Tucker Eskew.

This week, as a wave of robocalls attacking Obama has been reported across the country, and some of those calls have been tied to Jeff Larson and his firm FLS-Connect, a client of Bush’s in 2000, whom McCain’s team back then held responsible for anti-McCain robocalls.

He wants the White House so badly that he tosses his child under the bus and then gets behind the wheel and steps on the gas, throws it into reverse, and drives over her againt. And this bastard Tompkins has been dispatched to my state to try to salvage McCain’s chances here.

The McCain campaign says only that Tompkins has “no official role” with the campaign. The Raleigh News and Observer spotted Tompkins in the state “surveying North Carolina for the McCain campaign to determine what can be done to shore up the state.”

Sorry, guys, I think you are going to lose the Tar Heel state, despite a tight race today (49-46, Obama). Turnout for early voting has been strong (an hour or more wait), and there are a lot more Dems out there to vote:

Democrats have added about 250,000 voters to the Republicans’ roughly 50,000, while unaffiliated voters also increased their numbers by about 170,000.

And Obama’s numbers here are fueled by white voters concerned about the economy — they aren’t “turning the page” as McCain wants them to; he was also here yesterday, so he knows he’s on shaky ground here.

Obama has picked up roughly five points based on increased black turnout and support for the Democratic candidate compared to 2004. But he’s polling right now 18 points better in the state than John Kerry did. Where’s all that extra support coming from?

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