Video: McCain/Palin thug rips up Obama sign

By pams
Monday, October 20, 2008 16:04 EDT
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You know how many times I’ve passed some McCain/Palin sign and wanted to go rip it up? I’ve lost count, but I have enough class and sense to know that if someone puts the damn sign on their property that I have no business going up there and removing it. Not the McCain/Palin mob Base; what’s yours is theirs to destroy (sounds a lot like Dear Leader’s administration, no?). Check out this woman – the man who made the sign she is destroying videotapes the whole thing – and he’s not happy. She doesn’t give a damn.

Hat tip, OW.

UPDATE: I’ve been offline for a while; hadn’t noticed the date of the video posting, which is in April of this year (OW didn’t note this either), so the vandal is apparently a Hillary supporter (not that it makes any of it easier to swallow, given the rancor between those two camps at the time). It would be useful to know whether she is now supporting Obama. Something tells me she would have had to come a long way before that occurred, but anything is possible.

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