McCain team begins the blame game, and the alien bursts from the GOP’s chest

By pams
Friday, October 24, 2008 18:45 EDT
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Yep, the results of November 4th aren’t in yet, but the folks inside the McCain/Palin campaign are readying their resumes for some Beltway pavement pounding and forming the circular firing squad. Sounds like a winning end game, huh?

With despair rising even among many of John McCain’s own advisers, influential Republicans inside and outside his campaign are engaged in an intense round of blame-casting and rear-covering — much of it virtually conceding that an Election Day rout is likely.

A McCain interview published Thursday in The Washington Times sparked the latest and most nasty round of finger-pointing, with senior GOP hands close to President Bush and top congressional aides denouncing the candidate for what they said was an unfocused message and poorly executed campaign.

Ya think? McCain, in a truly toilet-bowl-circling maneuver, has lashed out at the Bush administration’s incompetence (that he enabled 90% of the time, but no matter). This is the 157,132 change in message by the campaign, and everyone on the inside knows only a miracle (or a massive vote steal operation) can save it from swirling out into the sewer.

One well-connected Republican in the private sector was shocked to get calls and resumes in the past few days from what he said were senior McCain aides — a breach of custom for even the worst-off campaigns.

…“If you really want to see what ‘going negative’ is in politics, just watch the back-stabbing and blame game that we’re starting to see,” said Mark McKinnon, the ad man who left the campaign after McCain wrapped up the GOP primary. “And there’s one common theme: Everyone who wasn’t part of the campaign could have done better.”

…In The Week, former Bush speechwriter David Frum wrote of McCain’s travails in a way that seemed to take defeat for granted and warned the GOP faces a long road back. “That’s not a failure of campaign tactics. It’s not even a failure of strategy. It’s a failure of the Republican Party and conservative movement to adapt to the times.”

Again, ya think? We’ve been saying the failure of conservatism was upon us — hey, I’ll even be charitable on this one — it’s mainly due to the the whack-a-doodle social conservatives that have been gestating in the host, like the creature in Alien, and now that wing has done a bloody, gory chest burst, killing its host — the GOP. The power-mad creature is squealing and slithering off into the night, feeling empowered, taking over the ship, intent on killing everyone on board. It is off to serve as a drone for the Queen Alien, Sarah Palin, who is laying her wingnut eggs for her 2012 run.

It will destroy everything in its path — our Constitution, personal freedoms, relations abroad — the list of fragile entities the social conservatives want to devour is long and tasty. Republicans need an Ellen Ripley to open the hatch and suck that bloodsucking creature out into the airless realm of space for good.

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