Recent crazies in the mailbag

By pams
Sunday, October 26, 2008 20:31 EDT
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As you all know I receive some really vile emails from people, but most of them are so ridiculous that you wonder if there is any brain activity going on with some of these dopes, so I share them.

A recent harvest of the mailbag generated these two winners. First up is a missive from a man with a chip on his shoulder about Obama and womb control. I guess this weirdo read the recent diatribe from Randall Terry to the Catholic bishops (urging good Catholics must not vote for Obama) and got a woody.

Subject: God help this nation
Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2008 14:03:32 -0700
From: PeterR
To: pam

you are so lost and so hateful, God have MERCY on your soul, dont you fear God and what you will have to answer to some day? Obama thinks helpless babies that survive abortions should just go in the garbage can?? WHAT kind of Christian Man is HE?? He ignores the Bible telling him homosexuality is an ABOMINATION, murder is wrong, GOD knows you BEFORE you were in your mothers womb…Obama hangs with terrorist, are these his likely Supreme Court appointees??? God help this country if he keep mesmerizing people like Hitler did!!!!!!!!!!

The next letter writer appears to be a little behind on the times, since I just received it today but it refers to the bonehead maneuver back in July of Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina, and the controversy about the “South Carolina is so gay” ad. Sanford personally intervened to have it pulled from a London Gay Pride ad campaign, releasing the nonsensical statement that “the state will not promote itself as a tourist destination through campaigns “aimed at a specific group of people.”

Subject: Gov. Sanford
Date: Sat, 25 Oct 2008 10:26:20 -0400
From: E Butler
To: pam

Dear Pam:

Governor Sanford personally squelched the SC is so gay ad because he had thousands of emails from SC citizens asking him to do so. SC is Bible Belt. We believe in Christian values. What you do is between you and God. What our Governor does is really none of your business, Pam.

However, since you have stuck your nose in SC business, you really need to know we don’t care what you and the SC Pride Movement think. I am praying for you because God will forgive only the truly repentant. I hope you can truly repent all of your sins, including the display of vicious comments about our governor.

Governor Sanford did nothing wrong. It is mean, rude, unconscionable and sinful to treat him this way. I notice the Terms of Use Agreement on your website says no mean posts are allowed. You show yourself to be a hypocrite.

E. Butler

Sanford is a public figure (and was a VP shortlister for McCain), hasn’t commented here on the Blend, where the Terms of Use applies (between commenters), so I don’t know what this whackjob is talking about. But of course that’s not the point; Sanford’s actions and excuses are classic pro-wingnuttery.

UPDATE: I added two more mailbag fruit loops below the fold. And this one is just plain weird.

Subject: Regarding Pro Gay Marriage Mormons
Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2008 14:48:44 -0400
From: khankrumthbulgar
To: pam

Dear Ms. Spaulding,

I am LMAO at your links to Pro Gay Marriage Mormon groups. That is akin to Pro Pork Eating Fundamentalist Muslim groups. It is contrary completely to their Dogma and doctrines. It is in fact an exercise in Intellectual Dishonesty. As a former Church member, married in the Mesa Arizona Temple, Endowments in the Oakland California Temple. And a former Missionary in the Swiss Zurich Mission from 1976-1978 under mission Presidents Gary O’Brien, Joseph Wirthlin (Council of The Twelve Apostles), and Dean T. Worlton.

Your link only serves to provide disinformation. From a tiny fringe group of self professed Mormon Intelligentsia who lack popular Church Support. And will be disfellowshipped or Excommunicated. I am amused at Feminists linking to Groups who lack any real power in their Denomination to support their dogma.

Personally I could care less if Gays or Lesbians want to Marry. Since Government intrusion in Marriage has wrecked it for Straight people. I thought Gays and Lesbians knew what real love was, and would not cave into cheap symbolism. I guess Gays and Lesbians crave societal acceptance as much as anybody else does. And should be exploited like anybody else.


Dallas, TX

PS. I am currently a practicing Nichiren Buddhist

Whoa, and this whack-a-doodle didn’t like these (I have them on my car; I blogged about it here) — from Evolve Fish:

and this:

Date: Sat, 23 Aug 2008 23:47:06 EDT

… are hateful and sacreligious. You’ll believe in hell when you get there – but you still have time to accept Jesus and repent. You will be forgiven if only you humble yourself and accept Him.

We will pray for your conversion.

Mike & Mary Connelly

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