Barack Obama Wants Your Children’s Hearts…Preferably Still Beating

By Jesse Taylor
Monday, October 27, 2008 19:23 EDT
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imageBarack Obama’s website now features a section for kids.

By which I mean Barack Obama is drafting his future Fascist Army.

Now let’s wrap up the tour and put this into perspective. Is this all so bad? Is it bad at all? Shouldn’t kids be involved? Aren’t they entitled to their opinions? Is it wrong to reach out to them to open their eyes, so that they could change opinions of their parents? There are two way to answer these questions. One is simple ethics. Make no mistake: this is not about reaching out to the supporters. Sen. Obama openly goes after the kids of people who don’t plan to vote for him. He and his staff see the minds of children as a backdoor to get to the voting parents and grandparents. So, yes, it is bad. It is wrong. It is despicable. And there’s no excuse for this.

If there’s one way to get parents to do something, it’s to get their toddlers to nag them about it – hence America’s world-leading pony and chocolate castle industries. There is, of course, a bad side to childhood involvement in politics: going from “my kid’s excited” to “I’m going to use my kid to be a partisan asshole!“. But if drawing pictures and wearing stickers is the beginning of a new fascist fasctocracy (credit me!), then I also demand we bring immediate military action against the insurgent Kids Voting group. I would also like this site classified as hate porn – it’s not just hate, it’s not just porn, it’s both…and more.

Jesse Taylor
Jesse Taylor
Jesse Taylor is an attorney and blogger from the great state of Ohio. He founded Pandagon in July, 2002, and has also served on the campaign and in the administration of former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland. He focuses on politics, race, law and pop culture, as well as the odd personal digression when the mood strikes.
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