I Thought “Pickaninny” Was A Perfectly Acceptable Name

By Jesse Taylor
Tuesday, October 28, 2008 2:49 EDT
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When Barack Obama says that the Constitution was fundamentally flawed when it was written, he actually has a problem with this obscure part of the Constitution – Article 1, §2, Paragraph 3:

Representatives and direct Taxes shall be apportioned among the several States which may be included within this Union, according to their respective Numbers, which shall be determined by adding to the whole Number of free Persons, including those bound to Service for a Term of Years, and excluding Indians not taxed, three fifths of all other Persons.

Why does Barack Obama have a problem with apportioning taxes equally among the several states, instead of funneling the wealth of the productive towards the lazy, the indigent and ACORN? Does he not think that Joe the Plumber is as full of a man and as worthy of consideration and his money as Barack Obama’s black friends? This is the truly scary part of Obama’s totalitarian plans – for the first time in our nation’s history, our government will strip people of their very livelihoods and dignity and treat them like chattel.

That Obama would so grossly break with the original text of our beloved Constitution to figuratively (and literally?) enslave hardworking people is the most frightening thing he’s yet proposed. From Raleigh to Louisville to Omaha to Reno, Barack Obama wants to create a “Middle Passage” of our wealth to his coastal welfare-hoarding elites.

How utterly callous and dangerous.

Jesse Taylor
Jesse Taylor
Jesse Taylor is an attorney and blogger from the great state of Ohio. He founded Pandagon in July, 2002, and has also served on the campaign and in the administration of former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland. He focuses on politics, race, law and pop culture, as well as the odd personal digression when the mood strikes.
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