What the fringe clown car believes about Obama

By pams
Thursday, October 30, 2008 17:11 EDT
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Actually it’s a clown bus, not a clown car. The remaining staunch support of John McCain lies in the Base — the hard case bible beaters, the Freeper set, the low, low, low info voter, and those simply scared of change. Jonathan Stein over at Mother Jones attended a stop on the Our Country Deserves Better PAC’s “Stop Obama” tour.

You know all those ridiculous wingnut screams of “socialist,” “Muslim,” etc.? Well this event at the National Press Club was a cornucopia of batsh*ttery. They have strong Kool-Aid on the tour bus. Look at some of the current conspiracy theories about Barack Obama. They are below the fold. In this crowd, Obama is guilty of the following:

- He doesn’t understand that inalienable rights granted by God are what make America great. America is a city on a hill and “there are those around Barack Obama who would extinguish those lights.”

- He and his supporters “vilify” anyone who questions him.

- He “mocked” and “laughed at” Joe the Plumber at a recent rally because Joe thought he could make $250,000 despite being a plumber.

- He is having talk show hosts who speak out against him “slaughtered,” by having Obama-friendly advertisers pull their contracts.

- He very likely will take away dissenters’ right to free speech if elected president, keeping them from publishing their views in the newspaper or from voicing them on television and radio. This is in part due to the “storm troopers around him.”

- He benefits from the fact that voters who oppose him are hesitant to declare their feelings publicly, for “fear of being attacked at their place of work, or in their homes, or their children being retaliated against in school.”

- He will try to “extinguish” our freedom of speech. Reporters who question Obama and Biden are already being “silenced.”

- He hasn’t come clean about his birth certificate or the country of his birth. While the speakers said they did not want to put on their “tin foil hat” and speculate about the nation of Obama’s birth, one said he would give only “even money” that Obama was born in the United States.

- He would probably have trouble passing the tests required to become an FBI agent. His associations make him unfit for office.

- He wants to use the Global Poverty Act to give $800 billion of US taxpayers’ money to poor countries, “mostly Africa.”

- He does not understand the plight of military families. Unlike John McCain and Sarah Palin, he does not have a son serving in Iraq.

- He had the opportunity to join the military during the first Gulf War. Instead “he went to the University of Phoenix to write books about himself.”

- He is supported by leftist leaders in South America, Muammar Quaddafi, and the “maniac from Iran.”

- He has “crazy ideas, dangerous ideas in dealing with those who would like to lop our heads off.”

- He continues to ignore the fact that we did find WMDs in Iraq. In fact, 500 tons of WMDS were transferred out of Iraq this year.

- He has no record from the Illinois State Senate. He has no record from the federal Senate. He never introduced major legislation “probably because he is too busy writing books about his life and convincing us he should be president.”

- He is the most liberal Senator in the US Senate.

- He “breathes air and fluff and words.”

- He is at most qualified for middle management. Yet he as the “audacity to hope” we will make him president of the United States.

- His vice presidential pick is like “training wheels on a tricycle.”

- His presidency “will change America as know it and love it, and not in a good way.”

- He would create an America characterized by “socialism and servitude.”

- He seeks to deny the American dream through wealth distribution.

- He is part of a “repo team” with Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.

- He cannot talk about the needs of small business owners. He has never run a small business.

- He has the middle class “in his sights.”

- He comes out of the Chicago Democratic machine, which spells politics M-O-B.

- He benefits from a biased liberal media. The LA Times, the NY Times, and the Washington Post are “organs of the Obama campaign.”

- He doesn’t finish what he starts. He began as a lecturer at the University of Chicago, but didn’t become a full professor. He was a lawyer, but never became a partner.

- He “believes he is entitled to the president of the United States.”

Somehow, I think these folks cannot be reached with logic or reason.

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