Rush: Obama praise will give Gordon Brown ‘anal poisoning’

By pams
Sunday, April 5, 2009 1:57 EDT
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How’d I miss this disgusting screed by true leader of the GOP the other day? I think the guy must be back on the Hillbilly Heroin.

CNN’s Rick Sanchez couldn’t hold back his contempt as Rush Limbaugh mewls that England’s Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s positive comments about President Obama will lead to Brown’s “anal poisoning.”

Sanchez: “Then you have Rush Limbaugh who doesn’t like the fact that Gordon Brown was impressed with the U.S. President. Didn’t like the compliment…in fact, Limbaugh was so upset about it, he made what may be one of the most disgusting comments anybody could possibly make. I mean, this is the type that would make me wash out my kid’s mouth, the type that even for Rush Limbaugh seems beyond the pale. Some of you no doubt will find Limbaugh’s comments offensive.”

Rush: “So here is a full-fledged, committed global socialist praising the president of the United States for all of his achievements in the first 70 days — a global socialist happy with the changes Obama has made, and ‘you have changed America’s relationship with the world,’ which is why all of the losers that make up the protesters are breaking bank windows, but the slobbering, the slobbering – this guy, folks I’m telling you – if he keeps this up throughout the G20, Gordon Brown will come down with anal poisoning and may die from it.”

John Amato at C&L says it all.

We all got the crude sex joke, Rushie. He is a disgusting homophobe. Why else would he make such frequent references to people having to “bend over and grab their ankles”?

The fixation of conservatives like Rush on sex acts is really troubling, I mean worthy of the couch. There is something seriously wrong with them. I mean considering how many closet cases and deviants are in the GOP’s ranks, it’s a motherlode for shrinks. It makes you wonder what is in the cache of El Rushbo’s browser.

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