Freepers freak as the Homosexual Agenda scores wins in Vermont and D.C.

By pams
Tuesday, April 7, 2009 19:33 EDT
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Yet another state falls prey to the homosexualists, as the Vermont Legislature voted to override the veto of a marriage equality bill by Gov. Jim Douglas today. Between Iowa, Vermont, and Washington, DC (its Council voted today to recognize same-sex marriages from other states), the Sodomy Squadron is well on its way to completing its mission to destroy heterosexual marriage. Run for the hills…they are ready to write off New England and move out West and South…

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Well, add Vermont to the list of useless states I won’t spend any money in again.

Wouldn’t expect anything different from Vermont. Too bad such a beautiful state has to be infected with socialists.

not surprising the homo’s have been invading that state for years. They now Will move their money to other states and pick those states off

ME, NH,NY, NJ, RI,IL,Ohio, WA,OR,CO, all take note

homo’s coming to a state near you

no matter how may states they get it in which will never be mine then AI along with my kids will never accept them as married nor are they normal

I would like to see polygimists get their marriage in those states now
hey why not, lets see if the liberals and homo’s think that religious group should have their marriage and so called rights

This is essentially awful, but the one silver lining is that this calumny was done by a legislature which–presumably–reflects the wishes of its constitutents, and not some unelected black-robed mullahs on the VT Supreme Court. From what I understand of the political demographics of the “Green Mountain” state, this is probably popular with most Vermonters. Pity.

Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa and Vermont ain’t exactly the creme of the crop. Three of them you’d expect this BS from and the other one had the general will of their people denied by, yet again; judges.

shame that VT was once the most conservative state in the union but it comes a time when those few conservatives left have to say , time to move out and move on

my wife got out of MA and now we are down here in the south we make our votes count, our state gets our money and it does not go to liberal agenda’s and we helped to get the constitutional change to the FL state constitution.

infact get all conservatives out of the New England area and if one million people moved out and moved south then the laws can be changed for ever to stop liberals

CA, is lost so two million conservatives move out to CO,NM,AZ and it changes the game and political landscape not to mention who would now pay for their liberal agenda’s

This looks like the MO of the gay marriage activists:
1. Have gay marriage put on the ballot.
2. Ignore the results if they don’t go your way, throw a fit.
3. Take your case to the legislature, where it’s legalized anyway. Screw the people!
4. Gay marriage legalized. Those silly citizens, thinking they had a say… Checkmate!

notice now one state has voted FOR homo’s to be married. that is because the majority of folk do not think it is normal for a man to poke another man up the arse or a woman wear a strap on pretending to be a woman. not normal and not natural, so for those homo’s reading this. you are certainly not accepted nor are you normal, you can pretend you are married but you are far from the truth. If what you do is your business then stop the freak parades, stop telling us that you like to poke men up the arse or wear a strap on, stop telling us how you have special rights when you clearly do not according to the constitution

More flailing below the fold.

Actual Freeper Quotes


Will you homo’s back that marriage and say it is their right. Only until those groups do this then people will wake up and say enough is enough, one man and woman is marriage , nothing else is close to marriage

for the record to you homo’s I ma not old nor am I religious, I just think you are mentally perverted and sick and guess what so does most folk so stop trying to say it is only religious types against you

we are down here in the south I live in Louisiana in a conservative area and I can’t imagine stomaching was those liberal/socialistic states spew out. I would drown in my own vomit (sorry to be so graphic) if I had to live in any of these states. It is unfortunate because these states are truly beautiful but only in a scenic sense.

for years liberals, aging hippies and homo’s moved tot he state as they were outcasts but then they started to get a foot hold of the state and now are in charge of it.

Believe it or not but on a couple of homo sites they actually tell homo’s where to move and whom to vote for so the agenda can be pushed. Once it has been done then they move on

Look at the MA homo’s who first got married, they moved to other states and did tings like well I want a divorce you have to recognise my marriage or we are here in this new state and we want benefits

It is not marriage they want but it is their agenda tom be accepted and pushed onto the masses

Like I said the only way people will now wake up is for every kind of group to use the same argument for their marriage to be legal. Every argument the homo’s used can be used for other groups and the judges cannot by rights stop their kind of marriage.

There is no comparison between Iowa and the other three states. Sixty-two percent of Iowans oppose gay marriage. And, what happened in that state is nothing short of tyrannical.

This is all according to the “New England Project” that the gays launched years ago as a springboard to national homo recognition. Yep. Look for Maine, Rhode Island and New Hampshire to turn soon. New Hampshire is heartbreaking to me… NH was pretty solid a Red State not that long ago, but I think it’s gone forever, no turning back. Too many Massachusetts voters migrated to NH (to escape high taxes no less), and have infected the state like a cancer.

It’s only a matter of time that hubby and I are outta Connecticut for good. CT going gay was like the final nail in the coffin… the people had no vote over it, one activist judge decided it was “time to get with the times”. The high taxes are killing us as well. Just a matter of time…

The next step, BTW, is a federal lawsuit under the “full faith and credit” clause to require all states to recognize the gay marriages performed in those states where it is legal.

And that’s why we need a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex “marriage.” Personally, I’d be willing to make a deal with the ‘rats in congress to the effect “we’ll let you put FOCA in the constitution if you give us a “one man/one woman marriage amendment”. I think the ‘rats would be happy to throw the pooves under the bus for a deal like that. Sure, it sucks having FOCA enshrined in the Constitution, but abortion is a fait accomplit—even if Roe v. Wade went the other way it still would be (with just a few more limitations). Same-sex “marriage” is far more corrosive to the cohesivenss of the family structure than anything else imaginable.

NOW can we clearly state the Federal Marriage Amendment is required. Full Faith and Credit attacks are now a certaintly and it only takes ONE kook judge to force this on the whole country.

You are wrong. The Full Faith and Credit Clause has never permitted one state to extend it’s laws to the rest of the nation (See Nevada v. Hall.) Moreover, the Constitution specifically gives CONGRESS the right regulate under the Clause (which it has done so with the Defense of Marriage Act.)

Finally, there is a longstanding recognized public policy exception to the Full Faith and Credit Clause. There is a reason that the homosexual activists have desperately kept their cases out of Federal Court. They know that they will lose.

You say we need an amendment.

I need a billion dollar bailout.

My wish is just about as likely to be fulfilled as yours.

When we can’t even elect a majority in Congress, how in the h*ll are we going to get an amendment passed, something at least 10x more difficult?

Simply boycott the states that allow the deviants to gain power over the asylum.

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