Cleveland Young Republican teabagger – the stupid, it burns

By pams
Wednesday, April 22, 2009 13:37 EDT
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The future of the GOP, unedited, courtesy of Tim Russo @ Blogger Interrupted. Mr. Young Republican is tired of footing the bill for society (“I’m not going to pay for you, I’m not going to carry everyone else on my back any more…try and get a job.” ). It goes downhill from there.

Well, here’s President of the Greater Cleveland Young Republicans Joe Amschlinger displaying his mighty intellect, unedited. Somewhere on the internets, this genius complained that my editing of the first Tea Party video made him look like he didn’t know why he was at the Tea Party. As usual, the full clip makes him look even more stupid than the edited clip.

I literally had NO IDEA what this guy was saying. None. ZERO. He was completely unintelligible. I gave him numerous opportunities, and all he could do was take stupid cheap shots about Rachel Maddow, whine about how I was “lawyering” him, etc., etc, then tell me he wanted to be “friends.” I’m going to guess that Joe got away with being this vapid his entire life because daddy had some cash, or mommy had a trust fund, or maybe Joe really is smart but he turned off the smart gene when he entered the Tea Party so his intelligence wouldn’t be sucked out of his head by the cosmic vacuum of stupidity he was about to enter and spend an hour using like a cheap whore to perpetuate the illusion that his political party isn’t a rotting corpse. Either way, if Joe has a brain, it is not evident in this video.

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