National Organization for Marriage Snail Mail DOMA FAIL

By pams
Wednesday, April 22, 2009 17:00 EDT
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The National Organization for Marriage needs some cash now that it’s flushed who knows how much down the crapper with that ridiculous ad a week or so ago. So it’s back to the drawing board — traditional direct mail. One of my readers, Orion 45, passed along a copy of this fish wrap. Their campaign is to beg for buxx to fund its “DOMA Defense Fund.” Because, you know, that “President Obama has declared war on the Defense of Marriage Act.” If only.

Together you and I can make it crystal clear to the powerful misguided politicians in Washington:

Don’t sabotage DOMA, the one federal law protecting U.S. taxpayers from being forced by judges to treat same-sex unions as marriages. Don’t let Washington politicians push such a divisive and intrusive issue against the will of the majority of the American people.

So how do we do it? What does it take to get the attention of Washington politicians? Out-of-touch politicians pay attention to one thing: the threat of tough, organized and determined political opposition. So NOM’s 2009 DOMA Defense Fund aims to do just that: NOM’s 2009 DOMA Defense Fund will make your voice heard in the halls of power in Congress-to make sure every member of Congress knows that in his or her district there are people to whom marriage matters and that we vote.

NOM’s powerful new technology allows ordinary Americans to multiply their voices with a few clicks of the mouse, swelling the chorus of pro-marriage voices to a never-before-heard crescendo; Americans of every race, creed and color speaking together for God’s truth about marriage.

…You know it and I know the mainstream media portrays Christians and other people of good will who support marriage as hate-filled bigots. Gay marriage activists’ goal is to silence, intimidate and depress the opposition. Bullying and intimidation is at the heart of their movement’s tactics because silencing your voice is the only way that lies and hatred can prevail over truth and love.

Can I hurl now? BTW, NOM has released new radio ads, specifically targeting Washington, DC and Connecticut. You can listen here.

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