SC’s Jim DeMint hilariously tries to spin Specter defection as GOP win; Olympia Snowe in panic

By pams
Tuesday, April 28, 2009 21:51 EDT
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I can’t tell if it’s pee-in-your-pants panic or a river of denial for the GOP in the wake of Arlen Specter’s defection, but South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint’s spin is so ridiculous – “Republicans are seeing across the country that the biggest tent of all is the Tent of Freedom” that CNN’s Rick Sanchez actually says “What the hell does that mean?” Watch it:

In related news, Sen. Olympia Snowe of Maine sounds panicked as she’s left behind by Specter to wallow in a party of extremists and know-nothings who cater to the religious fringe. Obviously she doesn’t feel the party’s moving to the center any time soon. She says the defection is “devastating” for the party.

“I’ve always been deeply concerned about the views of the Republican Party nationally in terms of their exclusionary policies and views towards moderate Republicans,” said Snowe, who has been approached, she said, by Democrats in the past about switching parties.

Specter’s switch to the Democratic Party “underscores the blunt reality” that the GOP is not a welcome place for moderates, she said.

So far, she said, she’s staying put. “I believe in the traditional tenets of the Republican Party: strong national defense, fiscal responsibility, individual opportunity. I haven’t abandoned those principles that have been the essence of the Republican Party. I think the Republican Party has abandoned those principles.

A lot of people believe in the traditional principles of the GOP, unfortunately they haven’t stood up to the vile, undereducated, bigoted, theocratic base of the party and its leadership. So far nothing has wrested the Republican party from the grasp of the extremist right wing.

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