Iowa National Guard will boot married gays; former drill sergeant — don’t let them near the guns

By pams
Monday, May 4, 2009 16:19 EDT
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This is another example of why Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is ridiculous and why Congress should repeal it. If a gay couple gets legally married in Iowa, and, let’s say, puts the announcement in the paper, if one of them is in the National Guard that’s all it takes to be discharged. This of course applies to any state where gay and lesbian couple can legally get hitched under state law. (Des Moines Register):

The federal law, approved by Congress in 1993, takes precedence over the Iowa Supreme Court ruling in April that legalized same-sex marriage, according to legal experts. The ruling struck down Iowa’s Defense of Marriage Act, which had limited marriage to a man and a woman.

The Iowa National Guard is prevented from implementing the Iowa Supreme Court’s ruling for its personnel because it is a federally recognized military organization, said Lt. Col. Gregory Hapgood Jr., the Iowa National Guard’s public affairs officer.

“We are a microcosm of society,” Hapgood said. “We have gay people in the Iowa National Guard. But under that policy, that is not the test. It is about conduct, not about whether you are gay.”

As it is with all these articles, the newspaper feels compelled to present the anti-gay views of former service members, not those currently serving.

The Rev. Skip Hansen of Eldora, a former Army Reserve drill sergeant and a leader of the Iowa Baptist Conference, said allowing openly gay soldiers to serve in the military is not only immoral but impractical in a highly disciplined military culture focused on life-and- death matters. To permit homosexuals to have lovers within a military unit would create dangerous tensions among people who carry weapons, he said.

What on earth is this man talking about – the homos are going to come out, guns ablazing at their peers? This insanity is right out of the discredited Elaine Donnelly playbook.

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