A bit more about the National Review cover

By auguste
Sunday, June 7, 2009 3:30 EDT
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After waging a short, fruitless battle with Althouse’s commenters to try to get them to understand just what’s racist about a slant-eyed, bucktoothed caricature of Sotomayor as Buddha, I retreat to the friendlier confines of Pandagon to point out that the cover is modeled after a very specific painting, and you may notice a distinct lack of slanty buck-ness about it:


So either, as one Althouse commenter would have it, Sotomayor actually looks more stereotypically Asian than Asians do, or (or and, for that matter) the National Review artist really wasn’t thinking about the fact that slanty eyes and buck teeth might be a fucking bad idea to put in a painting of a Buddha, no matter what the person you’re caricaturing allegedly looks like.

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