Like clockwork – Rushbo makes crass joke about Barney Frank’s sexual orientation

By pams
Thursday, August 20, 2009 2:07 EDT
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These right-wing gasbags are so predictable. Barren of any original thought, Rush Limbaugh resorts to high school, towel-snapping-boys-in-the-locker room drivel as a response to the verbal beat-down that Rep. Barney Frank gave to a deranged wingnut spewing the “Obama as Hitler” meme. Who’s the one fixated on the anus, Rush?

Alvin McEwan:

Of course no one has said anything about it on the conservative sites. Maybe a “ha,ha, Limbaugh is so funny” on places like Free Republic, but as far as I know, Fox News hasn’t said a word nor has One News Now. And I don’t think that they will.

Now if someone was to make a statement about Limbaugh’s history of pill-popping, I’m sure that would wake up Glenn Beck and company.

But basically, Limbaugh is sending a message that when gay man makes a public statement, it all comes down to his sexual orientation, huh?

On one level we should all be ashamed that Limbaugh is a perfect example of political discussion in America.

I suppose if a female legislator gave the same response as Barney Frank, Limbaugh would attribute it to her “woman’s problems.”

If an African-American male legislator gave the same response, Limbaugh would attribute it to “black men wanting to always bed white women.”

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