Man arrested for Cantor threat also posted anti-Obama videos

By Ron Brynaert
Monday, March 29, 2010 16:10 EDT
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Warning to all future nutjobs: make sure that your ransom notes or videotaped threats are clear about your political ideology or folks online and even in the mainstream media will pick one for you.

Politico’s Jake Sherman reports, “Federal authorities have arrested a Philadelphia man and charged him with threatening to kill House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-Va.) and his family.

Norman Leboon will be charged with two federal counts: threatening to kill Cantor and interfere with his federal duties, and posting video online containing such threats. He is scheduled to appear in federal district court in Philadelphia on Monday afternoon.

The arrest is the most serious in a string of threats of violence against lawmakers in wake of the divisive health care vote. At least 10 Democrats along with a handful of Republicans, including Cantor, reported threats of violence during the past week.

Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham Tweeted to Fox News Channel’s Greta Van Susteren, columnist Michelle Malkin and Red State blogger/CNN recent hire Erick Erickson the following message: “Cantor death threat perp was sane enough to donate $505 to Obama in 2008.”

At her website, Ingraham titled her post “ObamaNut threatens to kill Rep. Cantor and family.” After Malkin linked to her, she added a slight caveat regarding her “find.”

As we’ve attempted to remind the dinosaur media (currently obsessed with Tea Party violence they can’t find), there are nuts on every side. It will be interesting to see MSNBC spin this news, if it even covers it. The likes of Schuster, Olbermann, and Matthews will probably paint Leboon as an irrational, mentally-troubled individual who…wait a second–donated $505 to Obama?


There’s some confusion about whether the LeBoon in the videos is LeBoon “senior” or “junior” (or even whether a “Norman LeBoon Jr.” exists) and it’s not clear whether the “Norman LeBoon” of Philadelphia listed in the campaign finance disclosure database that JWF links is the same one charged by the FBI.

The Hill later noted that the DNC were probing the donations and would give them to charity if they were from the same person.

At her blog, Malkin wrote, “Laura Ingraham has a timely, turn-the-tables reminder of left-wing incitement.”

But things are not that simple. Leboon’s politics and even his religious views are all over the map.

As The Hill notes,

Despite having been arrested for threatening a Republican, however, Leboon appears to have leveled plenty of threats against Democrats, as well.

In one video, which was flagged by TalkingPointsMemo, Leboon makes threats against President Obama, as well as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), saying: “Your punishment is coming, the swine, it will be severe, and you will beg for mercy to your god. It will be severe, you will know god’s swine, god has warned you.”

At his blog, Leboon calls himself the “gay messiah” and links to a few anti-Obama videos.

A July of 2009 YouTube video uploaded by Leboon is titled “President Obama you’re TIME is UP! 2 video” and includes the following message:

You destroyed my Shia children, “I will destroy your America as I’ve already started! All your BANKS, ALL of America’s money will be GONE in days, NOT weeks or months! You defy me (Your God) and my Messenger! “Times up”… your training of my power is over and done! Say goodbye to your FREE WILL!!!
Prophet Mehdi

Last November, “shiamuslimcantbestop” posted a video he called “President Obama you will beg God for life”, for among other things, giving in to Chinese demands not to meet with the Dalai Lama last fall.

Yes, President Obama, you and Vice President Biden and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and your security council say very bad things about me. Your punishment is coming. The swine, it will be severe and you will beg for mercy from your God. It will be severe. You will know God’s swine. God has warned you.

There is no limit to what God can do. You just don’t want to realize what God can do, Mr. President Obama. Your days of running this entire earth is coming to an end, President Obama. You will realize that and I will be in the White House, Mr. President. And the people who are homeless in Washington, DC will be in the White House and in Congress and in the US Senate and because everything belongs to God. Everything. It doesn’t belong to you. It belongs to God. Every atom on this earth is controlled by God. Remember that, President Obama. When you’re begging for your life for you and your family, remember that. When you sleep in your comfortable bed, Mr. President, and you’re begging for your life and you can’t breath, remember your life belongs to God. Your sheets belong to God. Everything belongs to God. Remember that.

On a photo site, Leboon offered the following “prophecy” regarding Republican Congressman Mike Castle: “US Rep will be Delaware’s next US Senator, ‘God knows all written by; Prophet Norman-Gods last messenger for Gods earth.”

However, he’s no fan of former Governor Sarah Palin: “Sarah Palin- Gods SWINE is coming for you for ALL you’re crimes on Gods earth 9-19-09 Gods day of Altonement has starte.”

Malkin referred to Leboon as an “anti-Semitic nutball,” but his views on religion are just as inconsistent. He has countless videos blasting others for committing anti-Semitism.

Ingraham points to a story about a class action lawsuit filed against the phone companies for abetting the illegal wiretapping by the NSA, which the Bush administration backed.

The article by Truthdig’s Onnesha Roychoudhuri claims that “Philadelphia resident Norman LeBoon” is “part of a class-action suit.” Ingraham blogged, “Looks like Dem rhetoric incited Leboon to a little legal ‘violence.’”

Upon reading an article in USA Today alleging government spying on American communications, Philadelphia resident Norman LeBoon wondered if communications on his Verizon land line were being shared with the government. After a string of e-mails, LeBoon says he finally reached “Ellen” in customer service, who had this to say: “I can tell you, Mr. LeBoon, that your records have been shared with the government, but that’s between you and me. … They [Verizon] are going to deny it because of national security. The government is denying it and we have to deny it, too. Around here we are saying that Verizon has ‘plausible deniability.’ ”

LeBoon is part of a class-action suit against the major telecommunications companies brought by lawyers Bruce Afran and Carl Mayer. Their case is remarkable not only in that it references such blatant admissions by Verizon employees, but also because the two lawyers claim to have evidence that AT&T was approached by the National Security Agency before 9/11 as part of the aforementioned Project Groundbreaker, which gave the government access to an unprecedented amount of the personal data of American citizens.

At the very least, federal authorities are going to have their hands full going through all of his videos. Along with silly threats to burn malls over the film “Babe”, Leboon also made videos about how “Federal Judges will ALL lose their first born sons.”

Messages like “ther will be a shortge on Gods earth for pudy-cats “God is coming with his messenger (me) Prophet Norman so soon” will at least make the hunt interesting.

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