Abusive Homeland Security ‘troll’ attacks anti-TSA website: report

By Daniel Tencer
Wednesday, December 22, 2010 22:43 EDT
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An activist website devoted to opposing the TSA’s new screening procedures says it’s the victim of an online “troll” from inside the Department of Homeland Security.

WeWontFly.com, which is urging the public to stop flying “until the porno scanners are history,” says it has identified abusive comments from someone using a DHS computer.

“F**k you, f**k all you c**ksuckers, you wont change anything,” read a comment that has now been deleted from the WeWontFly blog. “Ride the bus, TSA is here to stay there [sic] doing a great job keeping americia [sic] safe.”

WeWontFly blogger George Donnelly says he has traced the comment to a dhs.gov server — a computer inside the Department of Homeland Security.

“Some questions come to mind,” Donnelly wrote. “Is this an official statement? If not, is it an accurate representation of the DHS position? Was this person on the public dime when he or she posted this? Who posted this and what is their position with DHS?”

The TSA, the federal agency responsible for airport security, is part of the Department of Homeland Security.

Donnelly reports he has found 19 comments in all from the same computer, none of them quite as caustic as the one quoted above, but all hostile to the group’s efforts and seemingly written from the perspective of someone inside the TSA.

“You people are really messed up,” a comment from the alleged DHS computer states in another discussion. “That you sit around and put forth the hatred that you spew. If any of you are parents who have children, I feel sorry for the kids because you will raise them to be cynical, skeptical and totally paranoid.”

The comments were attributed to various nicknames, usually revolving around some variation on the name “Butch.” In one comment, the writer claims to have four years’ service as an Army MP.

“Do any of you really think TSA is going to care if everyone requests a full body pat down instead of walking through the metal detector or body scanners?” the person wrote, evidently referring to the Opt-Out Day protest last month. “They get to go home once their shift is over, no matter how long the lines are. Less passengers flying means less work for them!”

Donnelly writes:

This is not the first time we have been trolled by individuals connected to the TSA. Someone posted a personal attack on me from an IP belonging to mitre.org, a corporation whose core competency is securing federal government contracts, including DHS and TSA ones. Any effective TSA resistance threatens not only the TSA itself but also the bureaucrats who got us to this point and the corporations who are getting paid for the technology.

WeWontFly.com was formed this fall when the TSA implemented a new screening procedure that includes the use of full-body scanners and the option to request a manual pat-down that involves the touching of genitals. The group is trying to pressure the TSA into rescinding its new policy by putting pressure on the airlines that rely on passengers for revenue.

The pat-downs have been likened by some travelers to sexual abuse, and several lawsuits have been launched challenging the practice. Some legal scholars have argued the new screening procedures are unconstitutional.

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