Confidential documents from Assange rape probe leak onto Internet

By David Edwards
Thursday, February 3, 2011 14:40 EDT
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The founder of secrets outlet WikiLeaks is now facing his own series of leaks.

A 100-page police file detailing rape and sexual molestation charges against Julian Assange has found its way onto the Adobe Acrobat document sharing website.

The file contains pretrial discovery materials given last year by Swedish police to Assange’s Stockholm attorney Björn Hurtig, according to Wired. The documents appear to have have been leaked after being faxed by Hurtig to Assange’s London Attorney Mark Stephens.

“Please note that the documents are legally privileged information for Mr Julian Assange and nobody else,” Hurtig wrote in the cover letter.

“I do not know who has given these documents to the media, but the purpose can only be one thing — trying to make Julian look bad,” Hurtig said in December, when details from the file were first published by The Guardian.

The documents obtained by The Guardian allege that Assange held down “Miss A,” one of his accusers, not allowing her to reach for a condom as they were about to engage in intercourse. Assange eventually relented but “did something” to the condom to make it break, “Miss A” alleged.

The newly leaked documents give no reason why Assange would have purposefully broken the condom.

“Miss A” had previously been identified as Anna Ardin, who is now reportedly volunteering with a Christian group in the Palestinian territories.

According to the leaked police documents, Assange’s other accuser, “Miss W” — previously identified as Sofia Wilen — woke up to find Assange having unprotected sex with her. The two had used protection earlier in the night.

Both women saved the used condoms for days before presenting them to police. While DNA evidence was obtained from the condom provided by “Miss W,” police did not have DNA material from Assange with which to compare it. No further testing was done.

“The documents show Assange was arrested in absentia within minutes of the two women reporting him for rape and sexual molestation, and before they had been questioned fully by police,” The New Zealand Herald‘s Juha Saarinen wrote.

At one point, a police investigator noted that she had been locked out of her interrogation notes and was told to create a new interview document with “necessary changes.”

One witness explained that “Miss A” sat in on the interview with “Miss W” and added something to “make her case stronger.”

“The police inspector who interviewed Wilen is listed as a friend of Ardin on social-networking website Facebook,” Saarinen observed. “Ardin and the inspector are both politically active in the Swedish Social Democratic Party.”

Assange was out on bail in London as he awaited a hearing on extradition to Sweden.

– With earlier reporting by Daniel Tencer

David Edwards
David Edwards
David Edwards has served as an editor at Raw Story since 2006. His work can also be found at Crooks & Liars, and he's also been published at The BRAD BLOG. He came to Raw Story after working as a network manager for the state of North Carolina and as as engineer developing enterprise resource planning software. Follow him on Twitter at @DavidEdwards.
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  • Anonymous

    ‘Both women saved the used condoms for days before presenting them to police.’

    now WHY would someone do that??? (unless they planned up front that they were going to do something…)

  • Anonymous

    Assange should have been careful, didn’t both women endure themselves to him at different get togethers he had in the country (classic honey trap by intelligence agencies).

  • Anonymous

    Of course Forensic Examination will permit the determination of the precise time, direction and manner of the split.

    This would offer evidence as to how the split took place and also the temperature.

    Consequently in cross examination the witness will potentially be perjuring herself.

  • Taleisin



    What is this shit? I get it….Assange thought those chicks were ‘sleeper agents’ hired by the US to get something on him to discredit him with the world press. He figured they thought: “Hmmm…. nobody in the world likes a sexual cheater who pretends he has a condom on when he doesn’t really. (She never guessed..she slept through it all.) Get this out and it will destroy Wikileaks!”…agreed the girls. Assange then said “RIGHT…screw THEM!”


    How about ….Yuk!


    …or K Street.

  • http://twitter.com/honorablelordk Karim Walker

    Good luck getting an impartial jury on this one.

  • Anonymous

    Ya…an unworkable law that can easily prosecute any man who also might be a victim of a poorly manufactured condom.
    God help a guy in Sweden if he meets up with some 37 yr old with a raging biological clock and a straight pin.
    A law with absolutely not way of absolving reasonable doubt.
    Condoms only have two uses…protect against STDs and prevent pregnancy…would a resulting baby be proof of rape?

  • Anonymous

    Too bad he let his peter be his leader. If he would have thought with his big head instead of his small head he wouldn’t be where is right now. He also should probably start paying for his own accommodations instead of being one of those guests that doesn’t know when the party is over.

  • Anonymous

    I agree.

    My guess the reason someone would save a rubber is to tamper with the evidence, or to give enough time to try to come up with a foolproof scheme, or collaborate with someone and tie up all the loose ends. The evidence gathered at a crime scene should be preserved as is.

  • Anonymous

    A woman went from screwing a pseudo celebrity in Sweden to working as a Christian outreach apostle in Palestinian territory. Something is very fishy and it is not the smell of saved used condoms

  • mick

    worked for Monica ?

  • Anonymous

    How does anyone know if this BS is right or like everything else that corporate governments are attacking WikiLeaks with a bunch of propaganda and BS.
    We heard more propaganda & lies from ALL governments today ,, than Germany used in the1920′s & 1930′s..

    **The documents ***appear*** to have have been leaked after being faxed by Hurtig to Assange’s London Attorney Mark Stephens.

    The newly leaked documents “give no reason why” Assange would have purposefully broken the condom.

    “Miss A” had previously been identified as Anna Ardin, who is now reportedly volunteering with a “”Christian group”" in the Palestinian territories.

    At one point, a police investigator noted that she had been locked out of her interrogation notes and was told to create a new interview document with “necessary changes.”

    One witness explained that “Miss A” sat in on the interview with “Miss W” and added something to “make her case stronger.”

  • mick

    Tell that to the next Viking you meet !

  • Anonymous

    This is why I always save my condoms after intentionally causing them to break.

  • Fedupin10

    Looks like the US gov and Sweden continue to attempt to prosecute Assange in the court of public opinion with only their side of the story.

    Question: Did Assange’s lawyers really think they could fax confidential documents and not have the NSA pilfer them and make them public?

  • BrainRagYell


  • http://voxmagi-necessarywords.blogspot.com/ VoxMagi

    Far from hurting Assange…its more of a window into how heavily manipulated and fraudulent the case against him really is. The speed with which the initial consultation (which allowed both persons to collaborate and carefully match their stories) moved to actual charges and warrants was so blindingly fast that no one can call it unbiased with a straight face. There is a serious credibility gap in the Swedish law enforcements handling of this…a gulf so wide that every new piece of info only makes it look worse. No one will be surprised if a memo leaks eventually that reveals a key player mentioning Assange’s website as motivation for expediting the case with undue speed. I wonder if Julian has lawyers considering demanding phone and email records from the officials that started all this?

  • Eyeball_Kid

    How about, “I tossed the condom in the trash. It sat there for several days. Then I decided that I’ll call the police and allege that Assange committed rape. That’s when I pulled the used condom out of the trash.”

    As nutty as this possible story sounds, it would sound nuttier if the women “saved” the used condoms after intercourse, like a used concert ticket. But this time, the nuttier story is the true one.

  • BrainRagYell

    That is true worldwide, but this really does not sit right with me.

  • Eyeball_Kid

    “Did something”. Like what? Slice it with a machete? Melt it with a candle? Bite it with his incisors? (Hopefully while the condom wasn’t “applied”…) What did he do to make it break?

  • Jaimie11

    Definitely what’s being done to Assange is politically motivated and shouldn’t sit right with anyone. Assange doesn’t think politically correctly. And being held on rape charges for consensual sex in a country that hardly prosecutes serious rape offenses that take place daily. Ha!

    Imagine, believing the standard for governments should be total transparency. If that could be accomplished – boom – no more war, no more secret dealings, no more human rights violations. No more IMF and World Bank screwing with economies and forcing suffering onto already starving, oppressed peoples.

    In a climate of total transparency for government, the people of the world would be free at last to conduct their own affairs as they see fit, conducting business across countries, across continents, with no criminal bankers skimming trillions of the top just for inputing numbers into digital accounts and pretending it’s honest work.

    People wouldn’t want war when they are conducting free trade with one another. Governments need war in order to grow larger and more powerful, in order for those in power on every level to be able to fill their bellies fuller than others can, and that at the expense of people whose standard of living could improve tenfold just on what is left on the plates of the hyper rich and their political lackeys.

    Assange’s transparency is a real threat, let me tell you. He is a very dangerous man with dangerous, viral ideas about government, and worse, he’s been willing to do something about it as well.

    “Imagine there’s no countries
    It isn’t hard to do
    Nothing to kill or die for…”

  • http://nike2422.livejournal.com/ hoi_polloi

    If you honestly think he is being held in custody over flimsy rape allegations, do you think the tooth fairy and Santa Claus exist too?

  • ghostof911

    John Lennon would have approved of what Assange and WikiLeaks are doing. Too bad he’s not around to write a song about them.

  • ghostof911

    Word is WikiLeaks is being swamped with new leaks following last Sunday’s 60 Minutes interview. It takes time to sort it all out.

    The evidence of wrongdoing isn’t going away. Eventually it will all come out.

  • ghostof911

    Think about it, how long did Monica Lewinsky save that stained blue dress without having jt cleaned? Is that normal?

  • ghostof911

    Not only that, the function that Assange attended was organized by none other than Miss A.

  • ghostof911

    Trophies? There were reports of US servicemen saving the fingers of their Iraqi victims as trophies. Assange is lucky Miss A or Miss W didn’t slice off his weenie for a trophy.

  • http://twitter.com/spottkopp Spottkopp

    Swedish courts do not have juries. They have politically nominated “nämndeman” who sit with the judge and weigh in on the case. By politically nominated I mean that one has to apply to become one these “nämndeman” via any of Sweden’s leading political parties, and the party who has the most seats in the local election elect the nämndeman.

  • ghostof911

    There is documentation of both Miss A and her attorney having CIA connections.

  • Anonymous

    Where do I write he is being held over “flimsy rape allegations.” If he hadn’t engaged either of the two women he wouldn’t be held on “rape allegations” flimsy or otherwise. What I said was, in essence, what Bob Dylan wrote in his song “Absolutely, Sweet Marie” on perhaps his best album “Blonde on Blonde” (1966) and what every drug dealer who isn’t in jail knows and that is “to live outside the law you must be honest,” which I have always thought meant that a person who is or might be doing anything that the authorities might disapprove of or might be willing to pay someone to entrap that person for a sex or any other crime should always use the utmost discretion.

    I personally think that Assange, whatever good he may have accomplished so far, was stupid two times. He fell for a tactic that is so old that it’s in nearly every James Bond movie ever made. He had sex with women he didn’t know. It doesn’t matter to me whether he “raped” them or not for purposes of this discussion–that is for a court to decide. Assange should have used some precaution and never have had sex with a stranger period. And both these women were strangers to him. He stayed at one of the women’s houses so long that she finally moved to a friend’s because she was tired of him being there. That’s not only stupid given the animosity it might have engendered, it’s just plain rude and obnoxious. No matter what one might think of wikileaks or what it has accomplished, Assange hasn’t exercised good sense. Like I said, I know pot dealers who have acted with more discretion than he has demonstrated.

    But not to worry, I also thought Bill Clinton was pretty damn stupid for his little sexcapade in the White House, too, and nobody even accused him of rape. He also let his peter be his leader, and look at all the trouble it caused him, even without any “flimsy rape allegations.” Given his position in relation to the Republican majority in the House, and their desire to bring him down, it was just plain stupid for Clinton to have consensual sex with a 23 or 4 year-old-woman in the Oval Office, and I don’t think that one has to be Republican to think that.

    For me it’s not really about rape or charges of rape, however “flimsy,” it’s about understanding the powers that be and your personal limitations in the face of that power, and not putting yourself or your operation/livelyhood, whatever it is, at risk for sex.

    When people are lying in wait for you to mess up, the last thing a serious person does is give them what they want. I think the same thing about Gary Hart’s famous fall aboard the “Monkey Business.” Stupid, stupid, stupid. If a person, any person is in a vulnerable position he or she needs to avoid stupid.


  • Anonymous

    Yeah, but the women are good people.

    Assange is a good person.

    The CIA are good people.

    The Mossad are good people!

    So in a world filled with so many good people how could this incident (whatever it was) occur?

  • Anonymous

    Let’s see, they saved the condoms which they later gave to police for testing? Now how bullshit is this bullshit?

    I’m surprised they didn’t offer their dresses or panties, or bras, or mouth wash discharge, or whatever else. This just sound so bizarre to be true.

  • Anonymous

    Where you from honey? Antarctica?

  • Guest

    The 100 page swedish police file is being translated into ENGLISH, parts of it ready at for instance: http://rixstep.com/1/

  • Anonymous

    How many rapists do you know who use condoms?

  • NadePaulKuciGravMcKi

    they will do anything to distract you from Egypt

  • Anonymous

    From article: “One witness explained that “Miss A” sat in on the interview with “Miss W” and added something to “make her case stronger.” ”

    In a US court that would get the statement thrown out, and with it would go the case.*

    *That assumes that the last visage of due process hasn’t been stripped from the citizenry over last night as we slept- always a possibility :-)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bob-Zentrails/100001475536421 Bob Zentrails

    “The newly leaked documents give no reason why Assange would have purposefully broken the condom.”

    I find this sentence to be funny for some reason. LOL
    I wonder if they have the “newly leaked” condom in the evidence stash? LOL

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/XIWZRWAXJQKAJ4QEHKMVMCMLAY brian

    dis aint de US.

  • Anonymous

    Presented used condoms to prove condoms weren’t used, I am having a wee bit of trouble fathoming the logic of that. I never knew that people were like ferrets http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCpcYbHPWKc unless of course under the influence of drugs, hmm.

  • Anonymous

    many of them use condoms for a variety of reasons. Particularly to dispose of dna evidence.

    How many klansman do you know who wear white hoods?

  • Anonymous

    Really? We have to register to read it? I’ll wait for it to appear on scribd

  • Anonymous

    Miss “A” and Miss “W”, who did not know each other, both boasted about their sexual conquest of Julian Assange online the day after the event. Neither woman has ever filed a “complaint” with the Swedish police. Instead they “requested information.” Apparently there’s some slight legal difference.

    One more point: neither woman even approached the Swedish authorities until after the Iraq War diaries (field reports) were leaked by WikiLeaks.

    This one just doesn’t meet the smell test.

  • Guest

    If you are referring to the police file, see earlier comment (you do not have to be registered to read it, just click on the link):

    The 100 page swedish police file is being translated into ENGLISH, parts of it ready at for instance: http://rixstep.com/1/

  • jack nichols

    This is the most ridiculous stupid rubbish that I have ever heard. How can the Swedes actually pass this of as a real investigation with a straight face. This reeks of set up from the word go. I thought that we were ruled by the rule of law. What do you call this, because this is not the rule of law. In a real court this would have been thrown out and forgotten months ago, what a joke

  • Taleisin

    In Vietnam, the Maoris used to make necklaces of ears.

    I have never been to bed with a woman who wanted the condom as a keepsake.
    2 in a row? Maybe it is a Swedish thing.

    Maybe they intended on using these condoms for evidence before they bedded him. I would think if he had raped them, he would have taken the evidence with him, rather than leave it behind.

  • cannotvote

    Makes me sick to think that governments collude together to distort the facts for their own suspect purposes. Whether even the israelis have compromised him is questionable, there is so much misinformation about – disseminated by ‘official’ channels and others! Last I heard one of the girls has run off somewhere and wants no part of any of this. So when is it the business of governments to act without the consent of it’s peoples – when it suits them I guess!?

  • Anonymous

    Apparently not all those you named are correctly identified. Somebody in the deal is not good. At least two have been clearly identified as not so good.

  • D.Crockett

    Yes Jack but we are in a “Hype” society and it sells papers!!!!

  • D.Crockett

    How would you Know? did you smell the evidence ?lol

  • Anonymous

    I always wondered about that. What woman would keep a dress with semen stains and not get it cleaned……….unless you had plans! Was monica really just a starry eyed intern or a pawn of the right?

  • Anonymous

    I lived in Iceland for a year. The people of Iceland were thrown out of Denmark many many years ago for being to bad a$$. I have also visited Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

    In Iceland the sex usually occured prior to shaking hands. Heh!

    The people of Iceland are really great people. Though and rugged. And very friendly and peace loving. PEACE

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Powell-Gammill/500083817 Powell Gammill

    Got to love the lack of a link to the actual document.

  • ghostof911

    “Maybe they intended on using these condoms for evidence before they bedded him.”

    Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner!

    Similarly, is it common for women in Australia to preserve semen-stained dresses for ten months without making a trip to the cleaners? Stink-eee!!!

    “In November 1997, Monica Lewinsky told her confidant and supposed friend, Linda Tripp, that she had in her possession a blue Gap dress that still bore the semen stain that resulted from her administering oral sex to President Clinton in February of that year.”


  • ghostof911

    I don’t have a link, but I read that Israel did not like the fact that Clinton was putting pressure on the country to come to an agreement with the Palestinians. Lewinsky was used by Israel to bog Clinton with a scandal so he would drop the pressure. There may be merit to this story, because that is precisely what happened.


  • Taleisin

    10 months? That’s bizarre. Thanks for the link. It is a pity Kenneth Star didn’t chase after W.