Bill Maher defended First Lady’s childhood exercise campaign

By admin
Saturday, February 5, 2011 12:03 EDT
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The First Lady’s initiative to fight the epidemic of childhood obesity in America is completely uncontroversial, a cable television show host recently said.

“If you think Michelle Obama is after your freedom because she merely suggests that our kids should exercise more and eat a little broccoli along with their lard, you don’t deserve a place in the free market of ideas,” Bill Maher, host of HBO’s Real Time, said Friday.

He quipped, “You belong at the Cheesecake Factory.”

Obama’s program “Let’s Move,” which completed its first year in service this week, has been derided by several right-wing pundits whom Maher attacked one-by-one, from Sarah Palin to Rush Limbaugh.

Maher likened the right wing’s attacks on Obama’s campaign to Tommy DeVito’s behavior in the mob film Goodfellas.

“You saying I use too much salt? What am I, salty to you? There, take some salt down your throat,” he said in character.

Maher said that most of the campaigns launched by First ladies have been tame, such as First lady Lady Bird Johnson’s suggestion to plant wildflowers along America’s highways in the 1960s. The public’s reaction was positive, he said.

“I’m not saying the right objects to Mrs. Obama’s efforts because the teabaggers are stupid, or because they’re hysterical, or because they hate black people, though all of that is true,” he said to applause.

Maher left his final attack for Rush Limbaugh, questioning how “a drug addicted fat man” could give respectable health advice.

“Rush, I have proof that no one in the government is forcing you to eat right and exercise,” he said. “You!”

Earlier in the show, Maher told his panel that he believed that right-wing political shows have lost their popularity with Americans.

“That fever I think has broken,” he said.

This video is from HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, broadcast Feb. 4, 2011, swiped via Crooks and Lairs.

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  • http://www.youtube.com/user/RepublicConstitution?feature=mhum TruthRegimes

    Although I clearly agree with children needing to exercise and eat right, why is Maher constantly defending everything Obama and the libs do? Is he a paid political hack or just a leftist political hack? Why is there no balanced criticism of both corrupt sides of our system? The Establishment Right and Establishment Left are two sides of the same coin.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KFOFZHLUNJCQATOHPSVHSFKP3I pw

    Bill Mahr is a hollywood whore who does not understand the true implications of the situation..

    He clearly does not understand the concept of SETTING A PRECEDENT. Any moron(including mahr) should be able to see that big corporate owned government is encroaching on peoples lives with draconian legislation to render us servile to the mega corps.

    But of course Mahr is a hollywood whore who is manipulating our minds to further confuse us and cause infighting, while he gets all the priviledges that most of us dont.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KFOFZHLUNJCQATOHPSVHSFKP3I pw

    Who the hell gave this ugly looking schmuck a show so he can be a condescending prick to the nation, further pressuring us to think a certain way?

    Do you think he was so talented he made his way to the top, or do you think that the powers that be approved of the filth that spews from his face and gave him a spotlight?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KFOFZHLUNJCQATOHPSVHSFKP3I pw

    Man he is annoying as f*ck….And whats with the racist arab jab…

    Why doesnt he shut the f*ck up and stop trying to tell us what to think?

  • Anonymous

    Big mistake. I meant to reply and accidentally clicked Like! Oh, lord, how to undo? So, it’s socialist for the First Lady to encourage kids to eat healthily and exercise? How much stock do you hold in the “healthcare” industry and Big Pharma? You do seem to be running at the mouth – you might want to get that checked out as well. Also, for all you national security fanatics, are you aware that the armed forces are having trouble finding recruits who are fit enough to serve??

  • Anonymous

    Yes, yes, and yes

    Bill Maher divides and separates us, not unifies us.

  • Anonymous

    Bill is right on. Obesity is a huge problem (no pun intended), even (and especially) in elementary schools. Getting kids in shape was even on Reagan’s agenda, and many kids worked to pass the tests when I was teaching. Those of us who personally deal with it, pay large costs for those who don’t, in terms of higher health costs.

    It isn’t my goal to put these folks down, but lest there be a doubt about an epidemic that is no less than an internal form of terrorism, check this out. http://www.peopleofwalmart.com
    Sadly, it is all too typical of the people who seriously need a helping hand, encouragement, and some knowledge of lifestyle changes.

    My former principal used to jog around the playground at lunchtime and had a huge following of kids who ran with him. I had my aerobics instructor do a tape specially for kids, that we used regularly for a refreshing break from lessons, to get blood flowing, and our brains working better. Jamie Oliver, world famous chief, has initiated a program to improve school lunches across the land.

    Why on earth do folks oppose these things?

  • Anonymous

    You may have to poke around the photos on the site to see the “gravity” of the problem.

  • Guest

    go the fuck back to redstate.com.

  • LeftCoastLeftie

    Repugs/Teatards/Baggers — Don’t listen to Bill Maher. Stuff your fat faces with as much shit as you want. Just make sure your private insurance company will pay for that life-saving angioplasty (clogged arteries could be this year’s ‘preexisting condition.’ And if you’re still around next year, keep on trying to pass those laws that allow women to die if they even think about the word abortion (you know, that nasty thing that’s allowed by law in the US, at least for now). Rushbo, go ahead and show your mindless followers how to get even fatter and dumber. Set an example. Have that massive coronary while the camera is on you. You;ll be moving around like Michael J. Fox on a good day. Until you lose consciousness. With all due respect, of course.

  • Anonymous

    And fox news doesn’t?

  • Anonymous

    Funny how I never heard the righties bitching about Laura Bush’s literacy campaign, or Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” campaign.

  • Anonymous

    I do that all the time! I go for “Reply” to respond to some nut, and accidentally hit “Like” instead! I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one. =)

  • Anonymous

    People like Limbaugh and Palin are paid to talk out of the right side of their mouths. They’ll abuse logic to any extent they can in order to denigrate an administration idea.
    Who would be against eating right and exercising, you ask? The right-hate machine, the T-partyers, members of the Republicans party would if a Democrat advocates it.
    Rush, the oxycodone helps the hot dogs go down, if you believe it.

  • Anonymous

    There should be a cancellation button. Don’t want to pump up their egos!

  • Anonymous

    If agreeing with Michelle Obama that today’s children need to eat better and exercise more divides and separates us, then we are in deeper doodoo that I actually thought we were.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YC7NFJQVWTJQDI42ADASD4FE44 George Washington

    How is this an act of division?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YC7NFJQVWTJQDI42ADASD4FE44 George Washington

    Mr. Maher is absolutely right about the vitriol from the right; they simply won’t give an inch of credibility to their political opponent.

  • Anonymous

    You must not watch his show much – he pokes fun/criticizes anyone when he finds their actions/choices deserving… He is a humorist and public personalities are subjects of humor (when they aren’t making us weep or driving us insane). He is a free-spirited comedienne, not a newscaster, so is not required to be “balanced”. Speaking for those of us who find Limbaugh and Palin and the other dunderheads who have their own public mics to spew divisive nonsense – at least he brings a little levity into the dismal state of today’s public affairs.
    As to setting a precedent… it’s a First Lady Program not legislation for heaven sakes! If you want to have fat pasty kids it isn’t going to stop you – on the other hand if your kids like taking part in a healthier future, it is encouraging.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t take diet advice from size 44 women.

    Here’s a great way to lose weight, and it’s working for me. (And I’m not a 20 something)
    Use a cast iron skillet to cook two or three eggs over easy on low heat, in virgin olive oil
    sprinkle with lemon pepper. Eat with a piece of toasted 9 grain or 12 grain and be
    sure it has no high fructose corn syrup. Franz is an affordable brand with no HFCS.
    Spread with real butter.
    Have a glass of OJ, not from concentrate. Simply Juice with pulp with calcium is best.

    Eat slowly. You won’t want anything for hours and hours. In the evening, take three
    bee pollen tabs and eat a banana.

    If you can do this for two weeks, you’ll lose some lbs and it will be fat.

  • Anonymous

    JFK was all over it. Remember those badges you wore on your PE clothes in the 60′s?

  • Anonymous

    “I don’t want the government to tell me how I’m supposed to use my muscles.”

    Sarah Palin

  • Anonymous

    Well, Laura Bush is literate, and Nancy Reagan was not a slut.
    Michelle Obama is gargantuan, despite her muscle bound,
    masculine looking arms. Professionally she has a welfare law
    degree and has been disbarred since 1993.

    I read her thesis. It was barely past 4th grade level and full
    of misspellings and grammar errors. The subject material was
    about the same thing all black people write about, ‘pity me,
    the white man has kept me down in America’

    Let Michelle post her weight and pants size and be the first
    in line for her program.

  • Anonymous

    Because the source should have been someone who knows something about fitness, and weight loss. Michelle Obama obviously does not.

  • Anonymous

    This is what happens when short man’s complex gets a microphone.

  • Anonymous

    Monsanto additives to food supplies and damage from excessive tainted immunizations
    is probably more to blame for fat kids than lack of exercise and overeating.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Maher, when are you going to grow into your nose size? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
    (Comedic commentary)

  • Anonymous

    I’m not sure why you say that, but I do know quite a bit, and I have no problem with this:


  • llkernj

    She’s black, they are racists. Simple as that. Don’t fucking try to convince me it’s something else. The baggers are too fucking stupid and brainwashed to even see it.

  • http://twitter.com/SJerzGirl Wendy Wilkins

    Good for Bill! The right is being oppositional just for the sake of opposing. However, I do want to ask – does RawStory have any proof-readers? How many misspelled words does it take to require a correction? Or do you not realize that Spell Check can’t tell a homonym from a synonym, so when you use there for their, it’s still spelled correctly!! Liars and Lairs are not the same. You and your are not the same. Please please please – look over your work before posting.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think that they are brainwashed at all. I think they are active participants, completely aware of their own hateful views.

  • Anonymous

    There are many symptoms to the issue. Growth hormones in animals we eat, too much high fructose corn syrup in everything. Why does bread have high fructose corn syrup in it? Soda as the main drink in peoples diets. But, yes inactivity is a major contributor. As is the years of super sized proportions.

  • Guest

    What a STUPID statement! What…someone has to have a Master’s Degree in Psychology to say that people shouldn’t shoot each other just because they get a little miffed?!

  • Anonymous

    bite a dick, maggot!

  • GunTotingLib

    What divides us is when asshats attack the first lady for something as benign as suggesting kids get off their asses in front of the XBox and go outside like many kids use to do. And maybe chips and cookies should be for special treats and not the main course at dinner.

    No one is being FORCED to exercise and no on is saying you can’t have a piece of pie or some BBQ. Just that you are getting too fat and this is why. But i guess health and exercise now is liberal socialism.

  • GunTotingLib

    If suggesting kid exercise and eat healthier is “SETTING A PRECEDENT” , well I am OK with that. and what is the “draconian legislation” re: healthy eating you speak of? There have been a few new laws requiring Manufactures take poisons out of processed foods, hardly “draconian legislation”. I sure you can have your poison straight up if you miss it.

  • GunTotingLib

    No one is trying to tell YOU what to think. He is doing the same thing I am ,he is telling you WHAT HE THINKS! You don’t like it turn the page.

  • GunTotingLib

    Because they are being proposed by a liberal.
    Because they are being proposed by a democrat.
    Because they are being proposed by a black person.

    Take your pick.

  • GunTotingLib

    I look at that site every day. If it wasn’t for that site I wouldn’t know what the inside of walmart looked like. Maybe they should put is some bleachers so we can have a place to sit and watch.

  • GunTotingLib

    I don’t know about you, but she looks pretty good for a 47 year old woman. I see a lot of 50 year old women and few look that good. So she got a little extra butt, that don’t make you a fat slob.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4JL2L5VA3JC2OCB2J7GULMHTEU Tony Fiorenzo

    I beg to differ. The bill s510 was signed into law. This draconian bill is food fascism. I suggest everyone read this insanity.

  • Anonymous

    Let me guess, you’re pushing 300lbs and breathe from your mouth?

    How’s that Fox News treating you?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GTI225GOHSJH3E5RRK3MFGUB34 TonY

    Divide and conquer! This Right-Left diatribe has been in play since the beginning of time.

    Welcome to the New Weird Odor.

    Be a uniter, not a divider


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GTI225GOHSJH3E5RRK3MFGUB34 TonY

    Not yet signed into law but passed both houses. It’s just a matter of time.

  • GunTotingLib

    It is a pity when you allow your self to become so full of hate based on misinformation. First what is a Welfare law degree? She attended Princeton and Harvard and the Obamas had student loans until the year before he became president.

    And she has not”been disbarred” She quit practicing law and is voluntarily inactive. Even as quoted from far right wing web site WND,com “Prior to November 1, 1999, former Supreme Court Rule 770 provided for a proceeding in the Court for any voluntary transfer to inactive status, whether because of some incapacitating condition or solely as a matter of the lawyer’s preference because the lawyer would not be practicing law.” Prior to 1999 if you wished to be inactive you had to get a court order.

    And Mrs Obama is not Fat, I know fat. She is in pretty good shape for a woman tapping 50.

  • GunTotingLib

    Whose a size 44? If you think Mrs Obama is a a size 44 then you need to meet some of the chubby chicks I am hanging out with. They must be dropping the first digit off their sizes to get to a 44.

  • GunTotingLib

    I don’t think many are aware of their own hateful views. I meet so many people that are racists and haters and when you point it out, it is like “you talking to me?” I would have so much more respect for these baggers if they would just say ” yea, I hate him because he is black” instead of all this BS about socialism, Marxism, ruining the country , spending, non existent tax increasing ect.

  • Anonymous

    Jabba the Ru$h is the American Nazis’ role model: fat-assed, cigar-smoking, pill-popping pedophile.

  • GunTotingLib

    Please a couple examples of the fascism.. i reviewed the bill at your suggestion and seems pretty benign. Out side of the fact that some think that it will make it illegal to Grow, Share, Trade or Sell Homegrown Food, which of course is not true and was specifically addressed by the Tester Amendment, unless of course grandma is growing $500,000 worth of tomatoes. In which case you go granny

  • GunTotingLib

    Sugar and High fructose corn syrup are the two main enemies to Americans health.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/6EX2KJ7LSZMDCBZWCH62Q7CABY Sandra

    So why doesn’t Ms Obama go after that too?

  • Anonymous

    The corn lobby. They’ve got lots of money and clout in government.It’s a cheaper sweetener then sugar. So she would be in a fight with all of the food corporations that do business in America over their profit margin.Plus, look how people act when she tries to send a positive message to the youth. For whatever reason if you tell some people they’re ingesting poison they seem to get indignant about it.Even if it’s to their own benefit.

  • Anonymous

    For sure. I would rather have sugar though. The difference between a Mexican bottled coke,made with cane sugar and a good ole American coke are night and day. The Mexican soda reminds me of cokes when I was young. The new cokes are so sweet.

  • Anonymous

    Two kids too. She looks fine.

  • Anonymous

    “That fever I think has broken,” he said”….

    Not until we take their “anal” temperatures.

  • Anonymous

    He’s not manipulating your mind unless you pay for HBO and turn his show on. But, I do believe corporations hold too much clout in this country. We should be up in arms about the Citizens United v. FEC ruling instead of Bill Maher and the First Lady’s fitness initiative.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GTI225GOHSJH3E5RRK3MFGUB34 TonY

    I have a feeling no matter what I say will pacify you. $500,000 is not a lot of money for a farmer, when it comes to produce. I know growers modifying their customers so they don’t get slammed with unreasonable costs. If they wanted to clean up our food, why don’t they test every head of cattle, as they do in many other countries? Our food supply is already compromised. What the cattle and chicken industry feed their livestock is incomprehensible. European countries are already implementing parts of Codex Alimentarious and it is quite outrageous.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GTI225GOHSJH3E5RRK3MFGUB34 TonY

    Jakob-Creutzfeldt disease symptoms are very similar to Alzheimer’s. The only way to determine if someone has JCD is an autopsy. The average age for someone with JCD is 50-70 years old. The prions that cause JCD can lay dormant for forty years. So I would propose as some others do, that our elderly are in fact experiencing symptoms from JCD as opposed to Alzheimer’s. How often is an autopsy done on some elderly person in a home with Alzheimer’s? This is directly related to the consumption of meat from our disgusting meat industry.

  • Anonymous

    The okaying of genetically modified crops(i.e.corporate frankenfood)to be grown and GM Salmon deemed safe for human consumption is also insanity.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GTI225GOHSJH3E5RRK3MFGUB34 TonY

    In fascism it is clearly evident that the direction of the marketplace is guided by the hand of government. As we are seeing more and more of in this country. Capitalism controlled by the government is no longer capitalism, by definition it is fascism.

  • http://twitter.com/honorablelordk Karim Walker

    Maher is a credit to his profession.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GTI225GOHSJH3E5RRK3MFGUB34 TonY

    Big business owns our food and big government now polices it. They are feeding us poisons and then they tell us they are not. HYPOCRITES!!!

  • Anonymous

    Haven’t you ever heard of the saying “big nose, big hose?”


    Well-placed Bill. We have to: 1) Demonstrate on the street in every city against the crap food that school cafeteria are feeding our kids. 2) Make street signs that thank Michelle O for trying to save our children and ourselves. 3) Give Jamie Oliver a National TV program ….he is the answer.
    (LA is trying to kill him…wrong place…he should try Seattle. Sponsors are too greedy or too scared to back him. “What will become of Doritos?”

  • Anonymous

    If people go out in public, its not hard to see the kids that weight up to 70 pounds more than they should. And I mean kids. Little kids. If Sarah P or anyone else wants to bash Ms Obama for wanting to try and help them, then I guess I would have to look at their ability to lead and their commitment to America.

  • Taleisin

    It is a pity their religion doesn’t ask them to do something about that plank in their own eye.

  • Taleisin

    Justified Anger and Hatred just like Yehwah’s.

    Hate can justify itself with any warped logic.It spends a lot of time justifying itself. It can paint them as an angel, and you as a demon.
    It will eat out the soul until only it remains.

    Do not hate !

  • Anonymous

    Michelle Obama is not ‘voluntarily inactive’
    She was disbarred in 1993 permanently.

    A welfare law degree is my term for an applicant
    who threatens lawsuits if entrance is denied based
    on race, and who is funded in their education
    by taxpayers.

    My point is that she knows NOTHING about
    health, weight, or what is good for or not good for
    other people’s kids.


    A quote from her thesis, called Racial Divide
    “My experiences at Princeton have made me far more aware of my ‘blackness’ than ever before,” the future Mrs. Obama wrote in her thesis introduction. “I have found that at Princeton, no matter how liberal and open-minded some of my white professors and classmates try to be toward me, I sometimes feel like a visitor on campus; as if I really don’t belong. Regardless of the circumstances underwhich I interact with whites at Princeton, it often seems as if, to them, I will always be black first and a student second.”

    Nothing to do with law or with children’s health. Mmmm.

  • Anonymous

    Let me guess. You are an illiterate black with eight kids
    and eight fathers, none at home. How’s that hope and change working out
    for you. Has Barack bought you a house and car yet?

  • Anonymous

    LOLOL. A little extra huh. Three of you would fit in one leg
    of her pants. Get her to post her weight and pant’s size.
    Get back to me.

  • Anonymous

    Here you go folks. Maher IS wiseturtle.

  • Anonymous

    Uh. . .that was a little off topic.
    But extrapolating as best I can,
    Michelle Obama has no, zero, zip, education or experience
    that qualifies her to hand out public advice about children’s
    health and weight in the US.

    She has no business involving herself in decisions in
    public education about what should or shouldn’t be done by
    cafeterias, vending, or any other food related activity for
    the school children of America, nor should she be putting
    herself in a position to ‘advise’ by publication.

    As an attorney she should know the liability for doing so.
    The fact that she has set herself up as an expert from a public
    position speaks volumes about her lack of intelligence despite
    her education.

    —–Original Message—–

  • Anonymous

    Good question. Why is high fructose corn syrup in bread?
    There is also aspartame and sucralose, both exitotoxins
    that have flat killed athletes at rest after performance, when
    they have downed a cold soda.

    In normal people they just put pinholes in bones and
    wear out syntax in the nervous system.

    Sugar was villified in order to get people to buy
    artificial sweeteners, and artificial sweeters are more
    toxic than rat poison.

  • Anonymous

    Well, good for you. You step right up and take your marching orders
    from Michelle Obama. Hell, salute her too. Put her on a flag and fly
    it high at your house, and say a special prayer every morning and
    every night while you gaze with tears streaming down your cheeks.

    Then eat some brocolli. Rah rah rah. Three cheers as we trade safety
    and security, for liberty and self sufficiency.

  • Anonymous

    I would rather rawstory paid MORE attention to the news and LESS attention to proofreading. Every minute spent proofreading is a minute wasted.

  • Anonymous

    Soda is 100% pure poison for you. Your body does not grok liquid calories and does not know what to do with them. As they say in futurama “why not skip the middleman and inject the fat right straight into your ass”

  • Anonymous

    I think that it’s ludicrous to ask our children to exert themselves in any way, either mentally or physically. We should do like the Repubs do — pamper our kids and mold them into shapeless, useless, mealymouthed followers. That’s the way to a better America, or is it?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GTI225GOHSJH3E5RRK3MFGUB34 TonY

    On June 13, 2008 The New York Times reported on the passage of an anti-fat law in Japan in which both men and women between the ages of 40 and 74 will be required to have their waistlines measured in an attempt to end obesity. Those found to be overweight will be given three months of “dieting guidance,” and after six months they will receive “further re-education.”

    In America, we have a healthcare reform plan yet to be fully implemented that could also require annual checkups to control weight.

    We often hear that being overweight is a disease and a drain on healthcare funds. It could also be taken to a different level involving young people. If children are consistently overweight, could that be construed as child abuse, resulting in children being taken into government custody?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GTI225GOHSJH3E5RRK3MFGUB34 TonY

    Increasingly, people are eating foods that contain added hormones to increase production. Since the early 1990s, cows have been given recombinant bovine growth hormone—a Monsanto corporation innovation— to boost milk yields. Synthetic estrogen given to both cows and chickens increases the size of the animals and would clearly affect all resulting food products that humans consume.

  • Anonymous

    What “mega corps” are served by encouraging people to eat less and exercise more?

  • GunTotingLib

    Well you are just wrong. I searched a bit and even right wing sites admit that she is ‘voluntarily inactive’ and by the IL. state law, until 1999, in order to stop practicing law and not have to continue to meet the legal requirements of being a lawyer you had to go to court to request removal from the bar. She WAS NOT involuntarily disbarred. Just a fact dude. Again even most right wing sites admit there is NOT ANY evidence she was had committed any offense to be disbarred, that it was voluntary. You can not create facts from your hate.

    I am sure you are so proud of your self for “creating” a the new term “welfare law degree” but again THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE that that was the case. Mrs Obama attended Chicago’s first magnet high school, where she was on the honor roll for four years, took advanced placement classes, was a member of the National Honor Society. She would have little trouble getting into Princeton. again you are creating something out of your hate .

    Again no evidence her education was funded by taxpayers.

    And her thesis is about the experiences of a black girl from the south side of Chicago in an elite northern school, less then 15 years after the legal abolition of whites only drinking fountains. And this means what to you? How old are you? I was alive and well for all the 60′s and 70′s and this country was completely different for black people and white people. And places like Princeton and the south side of Chicago change slowly. Her thesis examines those slow changes. It was a interesting examination of American racial changes. Aging you are just showing your hate. Nothing there, .

  • Anonymous

    “Let them eat High Fructose Corn Syrup”!

    (It’s good for Monsanto!)

  • http://www.facebook.com/Joyce.4.Peace Joyce Richey

    Exercise use to be part of the school day. In the morning, we could go to the cafeteria and we had a juke box and could dance for 45 minutes before class. We also had gym, everyday. I lived in Burbank Ca, and we had swimming, played baseball, modern dance, lots of activities with movement. Now, a lot of the schools have gotten rid of gym due to budget cuts, where as, it was one of the most important factors in school.
    Also, there was no excess of junk food. No soda. If we bought a cafeteria lunch, it contained a meat, potato and vegetable. LOL..it cost 35 cents!! and included milk.
    Another huge factor..the food was real food, not laden with chemicals. Gee, I remember when tomato’s would rot.
    We ate sweets, but in moderation….well, except when my sister and I would ditch church and go to the drug store and spend 35 cents EACH, on candy bars that we had to finish before getting home….oh, that was when candy was 5 cents a bar….even with that bad habit, I weighted 110 lbs……so, I am convinced it is the chemicals and artificial junk that is in our food now. How big business has destroyed so much, especially our food. sad

  • http://www.myspace.com/dermezel Megaprole


    Hold everything. I mean Bush/Cheney blow up Iraq, lose New Orleans, crash the economy, and create new greyish areas for rape.

    But check this out- Michelle Obama is too aggressive with Child Exercise and Bill Maher, another liberal, believe this and brace yourself- he defends her.

    I mean why worry about little things like Illegal Wars and Secret Homeland Security Police, and Torture in Secret Prisons when you have big Government Michelle Obama trying to get kids to exercise?

    Remember Texas does not need side walks!

    Seriously, considering what issues liberals think are important (saving the world) and conservatives (Obama might someday raise taxes like 1% and tell them to eat vegetables) is just ridiculous.

    I’m tired of the Left bringing up serious issues, like say Global Warming and the Right saying something like “OMG Muslim near ground Zero! Obama spoke at a school about getting good grades!” and the US media acting like these are equal players.

    The US Right is a weak, pathetic joke. They are Isolated and Alone. They SEEM big here because like Good Ol’ Oz they have this media blowing them up to appear larger then life,

    But think about it. They represent like less then 1% of the World’s views. They are more Right-Wing then British Wigs. They are culturally very backwards, on average not even 1 in 4 have attended college, they at least appear incapable of even basic strategic thinking, are completely unscientific in their worldview (hence the inability to form a strategy- the corporate media can chant all it wants that 2+2=5 but reality will not comply when it comes to actual engineering or “nation-building”, and very, very bad with money (Bush debt FTW!).

    They are a small, isolated, inept, despised, super-minority group. If the Corporate State wasn’t backing them these people wouldn’t last like 2 seconds in the real world.

    I dare you to, after a conservative rants for like hours about their money to bring up the fact that China owns our debt. And we have been in a two-thirds trade deficit their favor for like 30 years.

    China literally puts food in their babies mouth because they can’t even technically support their own families. (you don’t have a national economy, ergo you don’t actually support your family economically- Chinese debt buying makes your entire lifestyle possible. ) China is supporting their families while they pretend to be productive either golfing, attending church or working the “service sector”- which is a nice way of saying obsolete labor. In fact many “Conservative Jobs” like say mining or clear cutting in Montana actually generate negative GDP in the form of pollution that the Federal Government (all us Liberal Leeches) ends up paying through the nose to clean up. (you would be surprised at how few Red States have a functioning economy, most are 100% fed subsidized or dependent on “tourism” i.e. retirees moving in from Blue States.

    The US economy isn’t even functional, that’s how much the Fundy-Libertard right has brought us down. And they talk about living in the real world? I think the fact that our economy is pretty much a wet tissue, and China’s is the fastest growing in the world shows that reality has a very clear Leftist bias. Indeed, I am surprised at how, despite the Hollywood cowboy stereotype how often times people become leftist in this culture due to suffering some pretty brutal events, whereas most of the right have lived spoiled/privileged lives. People who’ve never been at the bottom are usually the fastest to judge the person before the system.

    I mean we are talking about a viewpoint so out of touch with the rest of the world and reality they think the Bible is too liberal:


    Just remember no matter how big they look, in the actual world strategic situation they are few, isolated, weak, stupid outnumbered, outclassed,and alone.

  • PrissyPatriot®

    She thinks all black people look alike and she’s confusing the First Lady with Oprah.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like the same school I went to! No soda or anything but an old ice cream machine where drumsticks cost a dime. I remember most kids in our gym class had a lot of fun and we got exercise and didn’t know we needed to. That was before color tv (in average house holds) and you used your foot to dim your brights. Then came the “tail fins” on Chevys and Plymouths and now we’re all overweight!

  • Anonymous

    Especially the “muscle” between her ears.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TSG4BQCBTLF7YIK7OYCUP3EGUU Chad H


  • Anonymous

    “I’m not saying the right objects to Mrs. Obama’s efforts because the teabaggers are stupid, or because they’re hysterical, or because they hate black people, though all of that is true,”…
    I wish he had finished that thought because I agree with it, especially the racist part.

  • ThorsteinVeblen2012

    Bill Maher is a Muslim hating, Israel bootlicking ass.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3RZTZPSZHHZBGTFJACF5QJLHMU VICKI

    Yes, obviously her socialist agenda wants healthy children to become part of the Obama Youth.
    It is so predictable that anything she does will be rallied against, but how mindless do you have to be to advocate against children eating right and getting exercise?

  • GunTotingLib

    Maybe, When I look at the first lady, Fat is not a word that comes to mind.

  • Anonymous



  • Anonymous

    To recognize that BILLIONS have been spent on blacks, to lift them
    out of their sorry states, which has failed, is not racism.

    To recognize that 14% of Negroes marry in the US, and that 74% do
    not know who their fathers are is not racism.

    One can only conclude that Negroes like their lives the way they are
    or they would change on their own. Ever been to AA or al anon?
    Ever heard of co-dependence and enabling?

    Ever studied the traits of the addict? Negroes are either incapable
    of better behaviors or are addicted to bad behaviors. Otherwise they
    would change their behaviors.

    To assume they are incapable would be to assign them to the
    realm of animals. They are obviously not animals though they
    frequently engage in animalistic behaviors by huge majorities.

    Time for us whites to stop beating our heads against the wall and
    accept that it is what it is. With few exceptions, like the Rev.
    Manning and Will Smith, Negroes are a bane to the existence of
    decent people, like the Arab Muslims who brought them here
    and sold them here, pre-civil war.

    Tough love is the answer for the addict, according to AA and al anon.
    Right now, it’s the only realistic answer for whites in America
    who have built America, and developed America,
    when confronted with the problems of Negro Americans.

    Obama and his 96% black voting block, have proved once and for
    all that Negroes cannot be trusted to behave white in white
    society, and that black behavior is destructive for all, with no
    comprehension of the magnificent governance that is embodied
    in the Constitution.